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Pay Per Click Advertising

Immediate Results

Pay Per Click or PPC is the fastest and most direct way to find customers who are ready to buy now! We have been creating and managing paid ad campaigns on Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram since they started offering paid advertising.

We write all ad copy, select keywords and/or topics, create display ads, video ads and all other content necessary to run a successful campaign. We monitor, test and adjust both the campaigns and landing pages to make sure you are getting the best return possible.

Whether you are running a local campaign, a national campaign or going global, Navazon’s paid placements team is your partner for success.

Ad Network Partners

Navazon partners with the world’s top digital ad networks to extend the reach of our clients’ brand message. In addition to the major ad networks listed below, we partner with many specialty ad networks worldwide.

Facebook Marketing Partner Los Angeles
Instagram Ads Partner Los Angeles
Google Ads certified partner
Bing Ads
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Over $100,000,000 in PPC Ad-Spend Managed

Here is How it Works

Pay Per Click Advertising - PPC Analysis

We start with an in-depth analysis of your business and offers.

Pay Per Click Advertising - PPC competitor research

We research your competitors’ ads and offers to ensure your claims and offers are competitive.

Pay Per Click Advertising - PPC strategy

We devise a winning strategy for your campaigns and together we set budgets and schedules.

Pay Per Click Advertising - PPC account managers

Our US-based pay per click account managers create your ad campaigns.

Pay Per Click Advertising. PPC campaign optimization.

We continue to monitor and optimize the campaigns, fine-tuning ads, keywords and PPC bids.

Pay Per Click Advertising - PPC reporting and analytics

You receive a detailed monthly report with comments and actionable advice.

Why You Need to Hire a Certified
Pay Per Click Agency

Although it is easy for business owners to create PPC ad campaigns, it takes in-depth knowledge of each ad network to create an effective campaign that converts and generates leads and revenue. There are literally hundreds of settings that can affect the performance of an ad campaign. Business owners can easily lose large sums of money testing ad campaigns with little to no results. The commission percentage that we charge is very easily offset by the savings that our clients gain. Businesses that have used Navazon Digital for their PPC campaigns report significant overall savings and lower cost of customer acquisition. To maintain our certification with Google Ads and other networks, our certified PPC team members must pass proficiency tests annually. Here is a sample of what a certified agency will do that most business owners may miss:

Access to Google Ads and Facebook Reps to review and optimize campaigns
Selection of proper keyword match types ensures you only pay for clicks that have a high chance of conversion
Adding negative keywords prevent your ads from displaying for non-related keywords
Writing effective ad copy that commands attention
We only use licensed images and videos to protect you against legal exposure
Our team creates and manages Search, Display and Video campaigns
We continually test variations of ads, keywords and bidding strategies to lower your cost of acquisition
We link your campaigns to Google Analytics, Search Console, and Google Business

quotesNavazon Digital created a new version of our existing shopping cart with a modern and user-friendly interface.  We went thru many revisions until all landing pages were perfect. We were surprised to find out that our orders increased by 10% immediately after we launched the new site. Our customers sent us hundreds of emails letting us know they loved the new site. The new site enhanced our credibility and helped out with our worldwide partners in a dramatic way. ND then reorganized our AdWords PPC marketing campaign and introduced us to affiliate marketing which has become a lucrative part of our business.

I am looking forward to starting our Facebook Marketing campaign with Navazon Digital soon.

Mike Saleh | President

quotesAmin was very helpful and knowledgeable about our industry and our online business needs from the first meeting. He and the Navazon Digital team developed a theme and created our website. No detail was spared and we are now competing with top brands and our reach has expanded because of the marketing campaign developed, launched and maintained by Navazon Digital.

Roger Wilkinson | CTO
Rush PCB

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