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July 28, 2014
Manufacturer | Direct to Consumer
August 6, 2014
Website Design - Bestvite
  • TaskCompetitve Market Analysis, Website design, PPC Marketing, Affiliate Marketing

Bestvite is a manufacturer of vitamins and supplements in Los Angeles that has been selling direct to consumers over the internet for many years.  They needed a more streamlined user interface with new menu system but their shopping cart was extremely limited and would not accommodate the necessary features.  Navazon Digital programmers wrote code to overlay a new interface over the existing shopping cart interface.  Navazon Digital’s graphic designers designed a new logo and a fresh new look for the website. Once the site was live, Navazon Digital revamped Bestvite’s Pay Per Click marketing campaign on Google AdWords.  Campaigns were optimized and all new ads were written to compete with larger retailers and maximize ROI.

After PPC marketing was under control, Navazon Digital created a new affiliate program for Bestvite and promoted the program to health and nutrition marketers.  Within a few months, hundreds of affiliates were sending traffic to Bestvite’s new site.