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4 Reasons Your Digital Marketing Isn’t Performing Well

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4 Reasons Your Digital Marketing Isn't Performing Well

4 Reasons Your Digital Marketing Isn’t Performing Well

Are you looking in the backend of Google Analytics or your social media platforms only to find that your numbers aren’t lining up with your goals? Before you go abandoning all efforts or throwing more money into underperforming ads, check out the 4 most likely reasons your digital marketing isn’t performing well.

Why Your Digital Marketing Isn’t Performing Well: Traffic but No Conversions

Seeing high traffic but no conversions? You’re not alone — converting leads is one of the most common problems that people face with their digital marketing. Luckily, there are a few simple things you can tweak before you spiral into a panic.

  • Fix your copy. The more clear the direction, the quicker your lead will convert. It really is just as simple as that. If your call-to-action is lengthy, clean it up. If it’s already short, try playing with the wording. Instead of CLICK HERE, try Find Out More or Sign Up Now!
  • Play with design. There could be a good chance that your call-to-action isn’t visible enough or isn’t standing out as much as it should. Move your call-to-action up above the fold, have it clearly stand out, and try new colors. Tip: red equates to urgency.
  • Split test. Not sure what to do? Try it all, and split test to see what performs best.
4 Reasons Your Digital Marketing Isn't Performing Well

4 Reasons Your Digital Marketing Isn’t Performing Well

Setting Unrealistic Goals

If your digital marketing is giving you numbers in the green, but not as high as you’ve been aiming for, take a look at your goals. Are they too lofty? Many business owners who aren’t well-versed in marketing tend to, unfortunately, grab numbers from thin air. Instead, set achievable short-term goals and be patient. Digital marketing, depending on the channel, can sometimes be more of a marathon than a sprint. Reasons your digital marketing isn’t peforming well could include that your goals are way too unachievable.

Not Understanding Your Audience

Think you know your target audience pretty well? Chances are you don’t. If your digital marketing isn’t performing well, it could be because you just need to understand your audience better.

Are you:

…speaking their language with your copywriting?
…putting yourself on channels they frequent?
….providing imagery they like to see?

An easy way to fix this is to do some competitor research to see exactly where some of your target audience may be. After that, you can refigure your plan and reallocate marketing budget dollars accordingly.

Highly Competitive Arena

Being a skincare office in Los Angeles or a dentist in the San Fernando Valley might sound specific, but they’re not at all. Hone in more into what makes you different, what makes you stand out, and how you can rise above your competitors. When it comes to highly competitive keywords, it takes a lot of time and money to beat out the top guys. While it still can be done, there are more creative SEO tricks out there to help you rise to the top and get the target audience you’re really looking for.

Looking for more ways to clean up your digital marketing? Give us a call! We can help diagnose and solve your issues.

Armed with over 10 years of experience in digital marketing, Jaclyn Uloth started her career at a full-service digital marketing firm for five years, guiding many websites to completion as well as developing and executing sophisticated marketing strategies for countless brands. More recently, she was in charge of digital, social media, and paid advertising efforts for well-known multinational franchise operations. Currently, she is using her years of experience and writing abilities to write marketing copy and blogs to boost the online presence of the brands she works with.