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4 Ways to Make Your PPC Ads Better Today

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4 Ways to Make Your PPC Ads Better Today

4 Ways to Make Your PPC Ads Better Today

Despite what you might think, PPC isn’t a “set it and forget it” type of thing anymore. It takes constant massaging, monitoring and updating to be successful. This is true even if your ads are giving you an ROI and seem to be performing well. They can always be doing better, and by refreshing them you will be doing nothing but helping your SEO. That said, here are 4 ways to make your PPC ads better today!

Make Your PPC Ads Better and Remove Negative Keywords

People get so focused on which keywords ARE performing that they don’t take a look at the ones that AREN’T. Yes, it matters if there are keywords that aren’t performing well because they will weigh down your entire ad group and ad campaign’s performance.

In other words, it is important to take out the keywords that aren’t doing well for the health of the entire campaign, so don’t just add keywords in for keyword’s sake. Do your research on what works, and don’t get too emotionally attached to keywords you think your business needs to focus on if they aren’t performing well. If you’re still stuck on making sure you incorporate certain keywords that aren’t performing well, make sure you separate them out from your main campaign so they aren’t weighing anything else down.

Get Extremely Specific with Your Demographics

Google is constantly collecting data and demographic information based on a user’s search history, settings, and activity on the internet. Take advantage of it! Get as granular as possible with their demographics and don’t just set “everyone in Los Angeles” as your audience. By being too broad, you will be spending way too much money as well as missing out on all that Google has to offer. You’re spending money on them, so you might as well squeeze every drop out of everything they’ve been gathering for you.

4 Ways to Make Your PPC Ads Better Today

4 Ways to Make Your PPC Ads Better Today

Try Out A/B Testing with your PPC Ad Campaigns

If you want to switch up your landing page or try out some new PPC ad copy but don’t want to disturb how your current ad is performing, take advantage of A/B testing. You can compare side-by-side to see which one works better. You can also use A/B testing to try out new demographics or keywords.

Look at Your Reporting

PPC reports can seem like a sea of numbers, colors, abbreviations, and charts to the untrained eye. It can be pretty overwhelming, but it is extremely important that you take the time to get to know what all these things mean. The wonderful thing about PPC ads is that the reporting is extremely robust, so take advantage of it. Run reports every month and really get to know what everything means so you can make educated changes and updates to your ads.

Still need more help getting your PPC ads to perform well? Let us know! We’re experts in that kind of thing.

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