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4 Effective Clinic Marketing Tips for More Patients

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Attract More Patients With These 4 Clinic Marketing Tricks

4 Effective Clinic Marketing Tips for More Patients

Deciding to take your clinic’s marketing efforts up a notch can be exciting, but it is important to make sure you’re doing it right and consistently. If you’re looking to get more patients into your clinic (and who isn’t?) then make sure you take note of these 4 effective clinic marketing tips to boost your business.

Clinic Marketing Tips: Exude Comfort

It’s time to reiterate some truth: For those of us who aren’t in the healthcare business, a doctor’s office can be a scary place. Will it hurt? How long do I have to be there for? Is the doctor going to cater to my needs?

It is essential that you exude comfort throughout your marketing efforts. Yes, reinforcing your professionalism is important, but above all else, people want to know whether or not your office will be comfortable. Through your photos, videos, review responses, and social media posts you can carefully craft visual messaging to show just how accommodating you, your office, and your staff truly are.

Attract More Patients With These 4 Clinic Marketing Tricks

Attract More Patients With These 4 Clinic Marketing Tricks

Make Your Clinic’s Marketing a Team Effort

Doctors and healthcare clinics rarely have an on-staff dedicated marketing person. The solution doesn’t equal making John in Billing or Annie at the Front Desk your designated “marketing expert” — this won’t bode well as it sets up unrealistic expectations for success and a lot of pressure on your staff member. This a mistake made all too often. Instead, work to make your marketing a team effort.

This means that whenever a staff member sees something social media worthy, encourage them to hop on and press record. Be open to the idea of your staff filming you in the middle of procedures (with the patient’s consent, of course) and make time with them to give them any other content they might ask for. In addition, this might include hiring an outside agency that specializes in healthcare marketing (like us!) to do all this legwork for you so that you and your staff can focus on what they are best at.

Understand Your Target Audience

If you think that your target audience is every single person within 20 miles of your clinic, you are wrong. Take a deeper dive and really analyze the people who are coming into your office. Find patterns. Are they mostly women? Of a certain age range? Suffering from a certain condition? Take this intel and run with it. Once you’re able to reach them by finding where they are (instead of them finding you) by speaking their language, you’ll instantly start seeing the difference.

Expand Your Online Presence

These days, people want things done fast. Do you have an appointment scheduling system on your website? Are people easily able to find your address and phone number? Can they easily access photos of your facility, reviews, and testimonials? If the answer to any of these questions was “no”, it is time you give us a call. Boosting your online presence to these industry-standard requirements is basically required these days, and you may be deterring tons of patients away by not having them.

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