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Brand Up, Stand Out

Before digging deeper into what branding is really all about, let’s quickly dispel what it isn’t. Branding isn’t some pretty phrase or special gimmick that you turn into your own. What your brand is…is an honest extension of your company’s strengths, goals, and values, not to mention the unique value that you present to your customers. So…

Branding is Honesty

Branding is Identity

Branding is Visual

We Hear You

When Navazon helps you to shape a viable, long-lasting brand, our first job is to Listen. We listen to what you believe yourself to be. And then we build around that belief, carefully making sure that your actions reflect it. And we keep building…through your logo and tagline, your marketing content, messaging strategy, and website.

The strategy we develop is one that powerfully reveals and individualizes your identity. We showcase your unique selling point and extol your market “exceptionalism” in ways that give your company personality and memorability.

Make It Your Story

A brand by itself, however, is a boat without a rudder. At Navazon, we add that component and put the wind behind your sails through superior Brand Marketing. At its simplest, brand marketing is how your brand tells its story. And the key to success here is having someone like Navazon who can tell your story better than anyone else tells theirs. In order to tell it in a way that is clear and concise, we implement the following:

Consistency – For a message or story to be memorable, it not only must come from a unique perspective, but it also should be relayed in the same, consistent manner every time. Whether it is through your website’s appearance, your blogs, your social media messaging, or your service itself, everything must blend into a consistent, coordinated effort.

Simplicity – No matter how intricate or complex your business, the basic value proposition must de distilled into its simplest, most understandable form. We are experts at saying succinctly and showing definitively, the essence of your brand.

Sincerity – Our experience teaches us that you cannot successfully fake your persona. Today’s audiences are too aware and too locked into the pulse of competing brands. One of Navazon’s best traits is to decipher your true company hallmarks and fit them into an individual niche that only your company occupies.

Motivation – The most powerful brands are those that not only encourage people to think but also motivate them to act. It’s imperative that your brand creates an emotional connection that becomes an indelible mark. Navazon’s storytellers and designers work in sync with one another to create a brand image that evokes passion and reaction.

Rules For Winning Branding

For a brand that dazzles, here are the rules to play by:

  1. Be true to yourself
  2. Identify your target, and never waver
  3. Strategize every element of your brand
  4. Describe not only who you are, but what you can do for your customer
  5. Create insightful, sharable content
  6. Hone your message so people search for you by name
  7. Use social media to develop and cement your brand
  8. Be true to yourself

Hire Navazon to guide you and to develop your brand into a marketing powerhouse!

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We do this through the following array of services:

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