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It’s all about communication and getting others to see themselves in the stories you tell. Now, more than ever, we can accomplish that with the power of video. Our knowledge of all the different platforms enables us to reach your audience through every pathway possible.

And we not only keep your message persuasive, but we make it stick by optimizing every video production with words, images, and devices that ensure high SEO rankings and lasting imprints.

There are many video production companies in Los Angeles. Probably more than anywhere else in the world. If you have a Los Angeles-based business and are looking to produce a video to promote your business services or products, you have tons of choices. And if you Google “Video Production Los Angeles”, you’ll see a number of local companies that can produce professional videos. The big question is, “Can those videos actually convert a viewer into a client?” At Navazon, we compel them to look. And persuade them to act.

Produce Your Corporate Video for Revenue and Results

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The concept of this video series is to create videos to move the viewer to take an action and transact with the business.

This video series examines the baseline marketing and sales components of a corporate video. It takes you through the questions that we at Navazon ask ourselves and our clients before we start writing the script for our corporate video. Watch this series to make sure that you have covered the marketing fundamentals and are producing a video that delivers business results.

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Once They See You,
Get Them to Seek You Out.

Production Value

Many L.A. producers have the right gear and a snazzy reel to wow viewers. A number of them offer an experienced crew with credits in major motion pictures. They may have access to the best cinematic equipment, to create great-looking content. After all, the look of the video is super important…right? Exactly how important is it? Do we spend $20k or do we spend $200k? Does higher production value result in higher revenue for the company? How does a savvy CEO strike the balance when looking to produce a company video?

But wait, that’s not all!

We have all experienced those sleepless Saturday nights, lying in bed at 2 a.m. while watching infomercials. You watch a great presentation and 30 minutes later you find yourself ordering something that you absolutely must have; something you had no clue you needed just 30 minutes ago! That is the power of marketing-driven video. At Navazon, we started out creating infomercials in the ‘90s. We have come a long way since the days of vegetable slicers and home workout gear, but our core directive is always to close the deal and generate revenue for our clients.


Videos that Produce Dollars, not Just Likes

We believe that if we produce an aesthetically beautiful video that gets a ton of likes, but it does not convert to sales, we have failed. We follow a proven methodology that has helped our clients generate hundreds of millions of dollars in direct sales. You see, we measure our video production success in dollars, not in likes.

Components of a Compelling Corporate Video

The Script

We believe that the script is the single most important component of the video. It is your core message that must convince your audience to act. Most corporate videos follow a basic format of talking about the company’s products and services. We are the market leader, we produce the highest quality product, we have the lowest prices. We, we, we!

It is all about the company and what it does, how great it is, its values, etc. We believe that these videos only appeal to the business owners and managers, and not to the audience. We believe that the customer doesn’t really care about your business (or any business for that matter). It’s all about them. It is all about what you can do for them. So rather than “We, we, we” videos, we produce “You, you, you” videos. We talk about them and how their lives would be improved in the context of your products and services.

Corporate Video Production Los Angeles

Video Scripts Driven by Market Research

Navazon first researches the messaging and offerings of your competitors. We find out what audiences like and dislike about them. We also research audience sentiments about your products and services, as well as those of your competitors. This research helps us to write and hone a script that talks to your audience in the language and tone that makes an authentic and emotional connection with them.

Brand Positioning

What does your brand stand for? How does it help the community and the world? A good brand has a clear and differentiated message. One that resonates with its target audience. Dynamic companies manage their brand message as the market and audience expectations change.

Branding demands commitment; commitment to continual reinvention

– Richard Branson

Your corporate video is an integral part of your brand message. It is likely the first piece of content that your audience sees, and it forms their opinion about your company and brand. Your brand message must not only be differentiated but positioned better than your competitors’ brands.

The script, actors, location, and production value all convey information about your brand. At Navazon, we start every campaign with a discussion of the brand and its messaging. If your company’s brand messaging needs a little help, we will work on that before any other work begins.

Providing a Real Value Chain

Corporate Video Production Los Angeles

At Navazon, we believe in competitive marketing. We understand that people usually have choices and will select the company that is best aligned with their goals and values. That is why we conduct that all-important Competitive Market Analysis research at the beginning of every project. We learn about your competitors and what value they offer to your audience. At the same time, we will work with you to build your value chain, to clearly define your offers, and position your brand’s value offering above that of your competitors.

A good offer reduces the risk behind a purchase or commitment in the minds of the consumer. This is true, whether it is a luxury brand that has the highest quality products or services or an eCommerce store featuring a rare product in stock or an especially appealing price. If positioned correctly, your product and offer will be the only one that your audience will want. In other words, not only does the consumer desire the product or service that you have, but they also want to buy it from your company – and only your company.

Social Proof

No matter how clever and convincing we are, people always believe in testimonials more than corporate messaging. So if you have an established product or service, we will record testimonials of your brand ambassadors to help tell your story in their words. If you are a startup, we will build your testimonials by enrolling participants to test your products and services, then share their thoughts and experiences.

Memorable Moments

Every good commercial, video, or movie has that one memorable moment that sticks with us. It can be a dialog line like:

  •  Wendy’s: “Where’s the beef?”
  •  Life Alert: “I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up”
  • Energizer: “Nothing outlasts an Energizer”
  •  Las Vegas Convention and Visitor Authority: “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

Or the memorable moment can be visual. We see them in Super Bowl ads every year and in many long-lasting TV ads and infomercials. Unfortunately, most corporate videos are not memorable at all.

Testimonial video recording in Los Angeles

Preproduction for a Corporate Video

Preproduction work helps ensure that your vision and our vision for your corporate video are executed as expected, on-time and on-budget. It involves careful planning and thinking through every possibility, as well as documenting all production plans and having a plan B for unexpected events. The day of shoot is usually very fast-paced, with many people working on the set at a high hourly rate. That is not the time to consider options and make decisions. All planning and decision-making should be done well in advance.

Years of experience helps us plan for what may look like unlikely, and therefore unforeseen, events to the novice. At Navazon, our team literally plans every minute of the shoot. Each person knows exactly what to do on set. This helps the project flow smoothly and allows us to focus on creating beautiful shots and getting the best out of the cast on the day of shoot, rather than spending precious minutes problem-solving.

Pre-production shot list for Navazon Digital corporate video production in Los Angeles.

Before the day of shoot, we hold a production meeting with all stakeholders and cast, to review the script and production plans. Detailed plans and timelines are printed and shared with everyone involved. This high level of planning and foresight is key to our high success rate.

Here are some of the items on our preproduction workflow:

  • Shot list for each video camera, drone and still camera with coverage details. This is a comprehensive list of every shot with full narrative and dialog for actors, instructions for lighting, cameramen and sound. It also includes the date and estimated time for shooting and other details like wardrobe, makeup, alternate takes, etc.
  •  Cast and crew contact sheet
  •  Cast and crew call sheets
  •  Location info…photos and details about each location in the video
  •  Wardrobe changes for each cast member
  •  Props for each scene
  •  Client pre-prep list – a to-do list for our client when the production is at their location
  •  Crew prep list – a to-do list for our crew to set up each location’s lighting and safety measures

Casting for Corporate Videos

We believe that videos with people in them are the most interesting and engaging. Explainer videos, animations and slideshows have their uses, but a good corporate video either features the team members of the company or actors who play the team members. In other words, people with whom your audience can connect.

Fortunately, being in Los Angeles, we have access to the best talent in the world. Our casting director is highly experienced at finding the right talent for any role. We will send headshots of the cast to you, to make sure we got it right. And rest easy…we handle all of the casting details, including agreements, compensation and releases.

Corporate Video Production Los Angeles
Corporate Video Production Los Angeles

Location for Corporate Videos

The location sets the overall look of the video. Each video project is different, and that is why we are flexible and portable, with the ability to shoot in
different types of locations:

  • On-Site – Shooting a video at your location
  •  Rented Space – There are many great locations in Los Angeles that are available for rental for video projects…from grungy-looking warehouses to sleek high-rise offices, downtown lofts and luxury homes.
  • Navazon Offices – We can shoot testimonial videos in our office in Woodland Hills. We will work with your customers to schedule a time that is convenient for them and help them prep for their on-camera performance.
    Navazon’s production team will manage space rentals, negotiations, agreements and compensation.

Day of Shoot

This is the day for which everyone has worked so hard. It is almost like planning a wedding! We want everything to go smoothly and stress-free. That is only possible with diligent preparation and planning and having competent people on set. Before the day of shoot, we double-check everything and confirm that all cast and crew will be there on-time and know what is expected of them.

For some shoots, our crew sets up the location on the day prior and tests the lighting and sound at that time. Otherwise, our crew arrives a few hours early on the day of shoot and sets up the location. For larger shoots, we have a cast wrangler on-site to manage the cast and get them in the right wardrobe for their scenes. Our production coordinator is there to answer any questions. She is the liaison between us, your team and the cast.

We usually shoot with multiple professional video cameras, in order to cover all angles. We obsess over lighting and the look of the shot. It must be beautiful and eye-catching, not simply utilitarian. At the same time, our director makes sure that we get just the right performance from the actors. We move from scene to scene all day, to get every shot that is in the shot list.

Lunch is served on location for the cast and crew. That is done mainly to keep everyone on-location and avoid possible delays after lunch.



Video post productionThis phase of the project begins with organizing all of the footage that we have shot. We select the best footage, organize it into scenes per the script and start the process of editing.

Many corporate videos have a voiceover track. We work with many highly talented voiceover artists and will find the perfect voice for your video. We also select a perfectly suited, licensed music track to accompany and enhance the video.



Navazon will deliver the edited videos in varying lengths, plus the original footage, if the client requires it, on an external drive. As our client, you are the licensed owner of the footage and photos. You will also receive copies of actor release forms and any and all other licensing documents.

We usually produce many different lengths of video. For your website, the video can be 2–10 minutes long. There are no set rules other than it must be engaging and interesting. For TV commercials, we produce a 1-minute and a 30-second version of your video. We upload the videos to your YouTube and/or Vimeo channels. If you don’t already have a YouTube channel, we will create one for you.

Call To Action

We develop a powerful, persuasive Call to Action (CTA) message that is expertly positioned throughout the video. We use tracking phone numbers that allow us to efficiently track every call generated by the video.

Animated Text Titles

Many social media sites have the audio muted by default until the viewer clicks on the speaker icon. So many people watch the videos without hearing the audio. For that reason, we implement engaging animated text headlines that deliver your message simultaneously during video viewing.

Color Correction

Color correction ensures that the video exudes true, real-world colors. We make certain that skin tones look natural, product colors are accurate, and that the final video looks highly polished with beautiful color hues that meet the standards & requirements of TV stations.

Color Grading

Color grading is a creative editing process that gives your video a more interesting, cinematic appearance; think of it as an Instagram filter for your video. This process helps to match the looks of the various scenes, for overall color consistency between all footage.

Closed Captioning

To make your video accessible to the greatest number of viewers, we also closed caption it. Many people prefer to watch videos in silence with CC on. Closed captioning also helps your video rank higher on YouTube and Vimeo.

Optional Translation Services

If your audience speaks other languages, we can translate the video into the language or languages you require. Plus, we will close caption the video in that language. Videos that are available in multiple languages rank much higher on search engines around the world.

Video Schema and Video SEO

  • Video schema codingTo make sure your video ranks high on YouTube, Google, and Vimeo,
    we optimize your video for SEO in the following ways:
  •  Select target keywords
  •  Write a strong video title
  •  Write optimized video description copy
  •  Include keyword tags
  •  Include geo-targeting tags
  •  Create a video schema and submit it to Google
  • Link the video to your landing page
  •  Add YouTube Cards and Call-To-Action

Our videos usually rank within the top 3 videos on YouTube for their target keyword. We have many years of experience optimizing videos for search. High-ranking videos can also appear on the Google Search Results page, helping drive additional traffic and revenue to your website.

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At Navazon, we are uniquely positioned to produce corporate videos that are not only beautiful but also generate real business results. Let our Los Angeles-based, award-winning video production team produce a corporate video for your company that will take you to the next level. After all, it’s not just about being seen. It’s about being noticed.

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