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Digital marketing can seem like a daunting task for legal firms to go forward with, but as society moves towards new ways of discovering businesses, digital marketing for your legal firm is going to be necessary for your success.

There are so many law firms in the industry that have fallen behind with their marketing tactics because they haven’t wanted to adapt to these new methods. Unified complacency shouldn’t be something your legal firm accepts, it’s crucial to strive for more new clients through the channels they are searching for businesses like yours.

Navazon provides digital marketing for legal firms that will give them that much-needed push to the next level. Through multiple different services like online ads, social media, blogs, website design, and more, Navazon will take the stress away from you while creating a successful marketing strategy. We’ve worked with multiple different law firms and learned exactly what their specialty services are so we can tailor and target the content we create to your ideal client.

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    Marketing Services For Legal Firms

    Lead Generation

    Website Design


    Google Ads

    Facebook & Instagram Ads

    Bing, YouTube and Yahoo Ads

    Social Media Marketing

    Local Directory Listings

    Google Business Optimization

    Blog Assistance and Creation

    Traditional Media/TV/Radio/Outdoor

    Tracking and Reporting Integrations

    Expertise in CRM Systems and Integrations

    Branding and Collateral Materials

    Surveys and testimonials

    Complete In-House Creative Dept Including Video Production

    Ecommerce with Navazon

    At its heart, Navazon is a technology marketing company. We have created numerous successful online businesses. We have helped our clients sell millions of products online; not only on their websites but on all popular marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart,, and more. We have a proven track record in the following areas:

    Creating and Managing Online Stores

    Building your site from the bottom up and continuing to help you.

    Creating Amazon and
    eBay Stores

    Creating other online stores for your business to maximize revenue opportunities.

    Integration with
    Logistics and
    Fulfillment Houses

    Handling supply chain related services.

    Advertising Tracking
    and Analytics

    Monitoring your business’s growth and audience behaviors.

    Enterprise Level
    Social Media Management

    Professional and consistent social media posting.

    Conducting Online Promotions on Social Media

    Monthly promotions that generate traffic and revenue.

    Email Campaigns and Auto-Response Systems

    Lead Generation for Your Legal Business

    The legal industry has so many branches to it that taking a general approach to client acquisition can become messy and hectic. Navazon can tailor both the types of clients and the number of clients that will work the best with you and your firm. Our custom lead-generation campaigns will target the specific type of audience that meets your qualification requirements. Your law office will receive as many leads as you can handle. Your custom lead generation campaign can be paced as not to overwhelm your front office.

    CRM and Workflow Automation

    Once leads start flowing in, you will need a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program to track your communication with your new prospects in order to measure conversions and success rates. If you do not currently have a CRM program, our team will help your office select and configure the right CRM system, then train your staff on how to operate it and connect it to your Practice Management System.

    We write all the follow-up emails to keep your new leads engaged and get them excited about your treatment programs.

    Social Media Ads and Promotions

    Our team plans and executes all of your digital marketing campaigns and promotions to ensure a continuous flow of new leads.  That will allow you to plan for the future and scale your business at a managed pace.  From coming up with creative ideas for promotions to writing the copy, designing graphics, and videos, we make sure your dental office stays relevant and your digital marketing campaigns continue to attract new patients.

    Budgets and Digital Marketing for Legal Firms

    No matter the size of your legal firm, Navazon will create a strategy that works best for you and your budget. We carefully create a test campaign with a low budget to find out the cost per lead and cost per acquisition (Client sign up).

    When we get these metrics we can decide with you how fast we’ll scale these digital campaigns. This pacing method can be useful For smaller firms as to not overwhelm your front office.

    Navazon will work with you to find the best possible outcome that will meet your needs at a budget and pace that works for you.

    Videos for Your Law Firm

    There are multiple types of videos that will help your law firm gain traction with your desire audience. Navazon will help you create videos that will benefit you the most. Anywhere from testimonial videos, informational videos, and even commercials to promote your law firm as a whole.

    Putting a face to a brand or company will put clients at ease when they’re thinking about coming to you for your services. You want your audience to feel more comfort and reassurance when watching your videos because they will most likely be coming to you for help during a stressful situation.

    Navazon will produce professional and trustworthy videos that can be seen on social media platforms and your website. These videos will be optimized to work with your SEO campaign to redirect traffic to your website. Well-produced videos will not only build credibility for your law firm but bring in more chances of revenue.

    Professional Videos Produced for Legal Firms

    Website Design for Your Legal Firm

    Clients will come to your website looking for specific services they need from your legal firm so an easy-to-navigate website will make the user experience more enjoyable. More potential clients will be interested in your services if it will be more simple for them to digest all of the information you’ll have on your landing pages.

    Navazon will create a professional and easy to navigate website that will build trust and credibility between your legal firm and your clients. Our team will speak with you about details in your services to get a firm grasp on them to create the best possible landing pages that deliver clear information to your audience.

    There are thousands of legal firms all over Southern California and creating a website that stands out will give you the leg up that you need to set yourself apart from your competitors. Our team has years of experience creating websites and knows what it takes to make a website that will work for you and your potential clients. From start to finish we will think about the user experience and what will get your legal firm’s target audience interest in your services.

    Samples of Work for Legal Firms

    SEO for Law Firms

    SEO services for your legal firm will give your web pages the boost it needs to reach the eyes of our potential clients. When people are searching for a law firm, they will be looking up phrases relating to the specific legal service they need and you want to make sure you are a top result for their search.

    This starts with the Navazon team creating web pages that are each focused on a service you provide and using SEO to make sure those pages show up when clients search for that service in a search engine.

    The content on these web pages is the star of the show so you want it to be well written while using the correct keywords that are going to boost your SEO campaign. Some other companies might take your keywords and create pages for you that are too spammy, this will result in making your page lose visibility online. There is no point in having web pages highlighting your services if it is done incorrectly and doesn’t reach your audience. Navazon understands the ins and outs of SEO, how to do it correctly and ethically to drive the online traffic that you strive for.

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