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What if you could


If you were able to make $7 from every dollar you spent promoting your business, you would spend those dollars so eagerly and often that you would overtake all your competitors. And you would capture the lion’s share of the market, right?

Now here’s the trick…coming up with an advertising and promotional campaign that can produce those kinds of results. Then once your campaign is working and generating positive results, rolling it out to as many advertising outlets as you can.

We’ve tested these processes…and they’ve helped many of our clients build successful campaigns with huge returns! Now we want to use these solid marketing principles and sound statistical analyses to do the same for you!

Here is How We Do It

We get to know your business

We learn about your company, its products, services, and people. How you think and what makes your existing customers like doing business with you. What makes your offerings better than your competitors’.

We get to know your competitors

We zero in on what their best offers are, where they advertise, which ads perform the best. And we scour their advertising budget and other important metrics. We know that if they can do it, you can do it.

We get to know your audience

We discover what they like and dislike about you and your competitors’ products and services. Where they hang out and what makes them tick. This helps us speak the language they want to hear and supply the kind of value that makes them take notice.

We devise a winning strategy

Using what we learn, we create an analytics-driven strategy based on the realities of your industry and your business. One that positions your company authentically, and confidently, ahead of your competition.

We write memorable words

Powerful headlines, subheadings, and text can motivate and persuade visitors to become customers. We speak to the emotions of your prospects and present clear, compelling benefits that drive them to action.

We test…and test…multiple ads

Though confident of our ads, we leave nothing to chance. Each and everyone is tested in the real world, starting with a small test budget and expanding many variations of ads till we pinpoint the one your prospect responds to best.

We measure results

No shotgun approach here…we meticulously measure all facets of advertising and audience engagement. Then we tweak your ads and landing pages continually, monitoring our performance and increasing your profits along the way.

We roll out…you rake in

Once we’re sure we have a winning campaign, we increase our media buys and place your message on ad networks like Google, AdWords, Facebook, Bing Ads and thousands of other popular websites. We continue measuring results regularly, to maximize your profit potential.

Look at the Returns We Generated for Clients

Navazon's results for TLC Profits

TLC Profits. After a 10-day test period, we rolled out the ad campaign with a modest $35 per day budget…and inspired 50 visits per day! Within just 30 days, our client had enrolled 12 new clients with an initial signup revenue of $7,450. Nine customers enrolled in monthly courses, which generated significant recurring monthly revenue.

Navazon's results for Hope Clinical Research

Hope Clinical Research. Our targeted campaign secured 296 qualified local leads within 7 weeks, more than 10 times the client’s prior campaigns. Navazon developed landing pages, video, and banner ads, placed on multiple ad networks for two months, to surpass even their wildest expectations.

Navazon's results for Flower Girl Dress for Less

Flower Girl Dress For Less. A Navazon client for over 12 years, they receive hundreds of orders weekly through AdWords search ads, Facebook Ads, comparison shopping engines and organic marketing. Navazon develops and manages all aspects of marketing and social media presence for FGD4L.

Navazon's results for Woodland Hills Dental Care

Woodland Hills Dental Care. The new website created by Navazon gained the top organic ranking on Google for their target keyword “Woodland Hills Dentist”…within one week of launch! Now the client attracts new patients regularly through their website with no paid advertising, to the tune of 35 visitors on average per day.

Reserve Your Free Strategy Session and Receive $100 in AdWords Credit

Team O Sasson Sarooei 2Would you like profitable results like these? Take the first step and schedule a free one-on-one strategy session with our chief strategist, Sassoon Sarooei. He will spend 30 minutes with you, reviewing your business goals and outlining a game plan that works within your budget. No sales pitch, no pressure or obligation of any kind…guaranteed.

Sasson has honed his direct sales and marketing skills for over 15 years. In the late 90s, he headed marketing for a public company in Los Angeles, where he generated millions of dollars in sales through TV, print and the Internet. In the 2000s he was part of a small expert team, who now primarily ply their marketing talents at Navazon, responsible for turning a $40 million a year company into a $400 million enterprise within 5 years. He has helped numerous entrepreneurs build their businesses into thriving companies with double-digit sales increases in a matter of months. Now Sasson and his team are eager to do the same for you!