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Here’s 3 Great Social Media Ideas for Doctors Offices

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Here’s 3 Great Social Media Ideas for Doctors Offices

Here’s 3 Great Social Media Ideas for Doctors Offices

Patients today are turning to social media to stay informed about the latest services, advancements and trends in the medical field. Give your doctor’s office an edge with professional and engaging content. As a physician, you’re busy helping people’s lives and in your day-to-day grind. However, these days, 57 percent of patients decide where to get treatment based on a provider’s social media presence (according to Evariant). In addition, 60 percent of doctors feel that social media marketing helps improve the quality of care they give patients. With stats like these, there’s no question that you’ve got to dedicate some time, or resources, to your social media. Other than the obvious patient reviews and testimonials, you might be stuck on what to post. Luckily, we work with doctor’s offices and clinics all the time, so we’ve gathered 3 of our favorite social media ideas for doctor’s offices right here.

Be Funny and Relatable

Many people find doctors scary, intimidating, and unrelatable. Going to the doctor’s office isn’t always a pleasurable experience, so make sure you ease the nerves of your patients (and potential patients) before they even walk in your door. Ways you can do this are:

  • Posting funny memes related to your practice
  • Griping about Mondays and the need for coffee — just like everyone else!
  • Posting about pop culture or a funny celebrity quote
Here’s 3 Great Social Media Ideas for Doctors Offices

Here’s 3 Great Social Media Ideas for Doctors Offices

Invest in Quality Content

Social media is an extension of your website and, even more so, is also an extension of your clinic. As such, you want to come off as professional-looking as possible. This means keeping an eye on the quality of content you’re posting when it comes to your office and staff. The easiest way to do this? Invest in it!

  • Hire a photographer. Hire someone for the day to come by and shoot some photos of you, your staff, you in action with a patient, and around your office. Get some candid shots, posed shots, and whatever else the photographer’s creative eye might spot. Just one photoshoot can last you a couple of months content-wise, so this investment isn’t huge and will make all the difference.
  • Hire a videographer. Set aside some time to shoot content with a videographer. This is much different than having a member of your front office staff filming a quick tidbit with you — we’re talking a beautiful video for you to display on your cover sections and pin to the top of your page.

Be a Pillar in the Community

Is your office located around the Woodland Hills area? Talk about the businesses and events in your community! By embedding yourself as a pillar in your community, people will follow your social media not only for your practice-related content but also for your finger on the pulse in the community. Post your staff eating at a local eatery, ordering lunch from your favorite gyro spot, buying cookies from Girl Scouts, or wishing good luck to the football team of the local high school. Taking the time and effort to craft high-quality, engaging social media posts can make a big difference in boosting your brand visibility, trustworthiness, and patient engagement.

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