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Local Search Changes for 2021

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Local Search Changes for 2020

Local Search Changes for 2021

At the end of 2019, Google announced a few changes to how it ranks local search. The great news about Google is they are always looking for new ways to make their user experience better. However, this can leave business owners wondering what these changes mean for them in the long run. Luckily, we are here to explain what’s new, what it means for the users and what it means for you.

Local Search Changes for 2021: What’s New?

There are two new major changes that took place in Google’s most recent update. They all come down to one thing: listening to the users and giving them what they want. These include more intuitive search results and giving small businesses a better spot in the Shopping tab.

A Smarter Google

Ever tried to Google a business you couldn’t quite remember the name of, only to be left with no results and more confusion? This is because Google needed an exact match to give you what you needed, which is hard for users who are trying to find the business they are thinking of in the first place. This is why Google has rolled out “Neural Matching”, which according to SEJ, is defined as giving Google the chance to understand the meaning behind searches and match them to local businesses that are most relevant to the search. In short: Google just got smarter!

Local Search Changes for 2020

Local Search Changes for 2021

Smaller Businesses Have a Better Chance

Ever feel like you can’t compete on Google’s “Shopping” tab because giants like Amazon hog the whole thing? With the newest local search update, your chances just got better. Google is giving local businesses a better spotlight, allowing individuals to shop locally while also giving the little guys a chance to compete against Amazon.

What it Means for Users

Users will better be able to find the businesses they are thinking of in their head, allowing for a better experience on Google. In addition, they are able to see a wider variety of things to shop for online. Instead of the Shopping tab being clogged with Amazon or Pinterest options, they can choose to shop locally. Let’s face it — there’s a reason they’re on the Google shopping tab. If they wanted to shop from Amazon, they would have gone straight there and Google is catching on.

What it Means for Business Owners

For business owners, users will have a much better chance of finding you and they will also have better chances of purchasing from you. These updates are still very new so any impact likely won’t be reported on for a few more months, but so far, things are looking really good for you, especially if you are a local brick-and-mortar who also sells online.

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