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Bestvite is a manufacturer of vitamins and supplements in Los Angeles, that has sold directly to consumers over the internet for many years. However, they realized that their original e-Commerce site was no longer meeting their needs or the needs of their customers. The shopping cart was limited, the website looked dated and it did not work well on mobile devices. It was time for an upgrade.

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As an online business, we wanted to make sure that Bestvite had a state-of-the-art shopping cart that works well on mobile devices, and would effectively compete with the top online vitamin resellers. To maximize their profitability, we wanted to avoid paying a percentage of sales to the shopping cart manufacturer. Finally, to speak to a part of their target audience, we also wanted easy accessibility of the site for the elderly customers.


We needed to have the advanced features that the large online vitamin retailers have, but we could not use an enterprise-level commercial shopping cart due to budget restrictions. We decided to build a new store, using the free and open-source Magento. Luckily, they just released a new version with many advanced features that we could take advantage of. Navazon Digital programmers wrote custom Magento code and created a highly functional shopping cart interface. We also wanted to give the brand a facelift, so we wanted our graphic designers to design a new logo and a fresh new look for the website.

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We started by researching the claims, promised benefits and website features of the major online vitamin retailers. We recommended that Bestvite extends their money back guarantee to 60 days instead of 30 days, to compete with the larger outlets. In our experience, that wouldn’t necessarily increase returns for health and beauty brands, but it does increase credibility and gives the buyer the confidence to make the purchase. We made a wireframe for the new website design and a lengthy wish-list for features. Our Magento programmer went to work creating a custom store, while our paid placement team created all new Google Ads campaigns and all new ads were written to compete with larger retailers and maximize ROI. Finally, we created a new affiliate program for Bestvite and promoted the program to health and nutrition marketers.

  • Logo Design
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  • PPC Ads
  • Shopping Ads
  • Copy Writing
  • Custom Programming


Our graphic designers created a new logo with a bold new color palette. Funny story: there was probably more discussion about purple colors vs blue colors than all other discussions combined throughout the website process. Purple won!

We optimized the product pages with schema metadata and added filtering options that users were asking for. We revamped the entire navigation system to make it easier to find your favorite product or explore new ones, and we created eye-catching affiliate banners that stand out in the busy affiliate marketplace.


As affiliate sales grew, Bestvite reduced their PPC ad budget. In the graph below, we can see that Direct (affiliate) traffic and Organic Search (green) traffic grew from 2018 to 2019, paid search (below) was reduced.

Client Comments

Navazon Digital created a new version of our existing shopping cart with a modern and user-friendly interface. We went thru many revisions until all landing pages were perfect. We were surprised to find out that our orders increased by 10% immediately after we launched the new site. Our customers sent us hundreds of emails letting us know they loved the new site. The new site enhanced our credibility and helped out with our worldwide partners in a dramatic way. ND then reorganized our AdWords PPC marketing campaign and introduced us to affiliate marketing which has become a lucrative part of our business. I am looking forward to starting our Facebook Marketing campaign with Navazon Digital soon.

Mike Saleh | President