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IMS Financial

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Since 2003, IMS Financial has helped thousands of dentists and physicians nationwide to either start, invest in, or grow their practice. For over 15 years, we’ve put our collective know-how to work for our clientele and helped them navigate their way through the funding process, all while offering the lowest-rate financing option to fit their budget.

IMS Financial


IMS Financial management wanted to expand their business and reach more dentists and doctors.  They had highly competitive loan products but medical clinics and professionals would love, only if they knew about them.  They came to Navazon Digital to help them create an effective marketing strategy.


We knew that we would be running PPC ads, and from previous experience in the mortgage industry, we knew that the competition was fierce. We had to create a website and user experience that was superior to their top competitors’. To achieve that goal, we had to refresh the branding, and create new messaging around their value proposition to make it simple and quick for busy doctors and dentists to understand the offers.

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We started by updating their logo for a more contemporary look and color palette. We researched their top competitors and compiled a list of their selling propositions and value promises to doctors and dentists. There are some large financial companies in this space with a large number of offerings.  We wanted to position IMS Financial uniquely to appeal to busy doctors and dentists who were looking to expand their practice. We found that doctors have to jump through a lot of hoops to qualify with the larger companies, with tons of paperwork to fill out.  IMS Financial offers a particular loan product of up to $250,000 with a simple application, with no tax returns or paperwork needed.  In our research, we had found that large percentage of loans were below the $250k mark. So this product was perfectly suited for promotion.  Our copywriters conducted a number of interviews with the management and loan officers at IMS Financial and wrote copy for the website and landing pages to promote this product.  We wrote PPC ads and creating display ad banners, all promoting the “Application-Only $250,000” loan.

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  • Social Media Posts
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