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Aqua Payments

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Steven, the owner and founder of Aqua Payments, has worked in the payments industry for almost a decade. He was initially a CMO of a payments law firm, then co-founder of Genco Payments, and is now the principal of Aqua Payments.
Steven’s years at the payments law firm gave him in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of the payments industry. This hands-on experience made him a resourceful solutions provider who understands the importance of merchants, processors, and banks working together in sync.

Aqua Payments founders


The owners are a young passionate couple just starting up their credit card processing business. They wanted a website that reflects their unique style and vision. They did not want a typical corporate credit card processing website.


We have experience in creating payment processing companies. We decided to build a highly optimized website that would rank high on organic search results with a unique 80s vibe.



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We designed a highly optimized website using vibrant colors, and an 80s look and brand. We used beautiful professionally done images with clear messaging on the landing pages.



The owners love the website design and the extension of their brand. Aqua payments is generating organic traffic through their social media.