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Image Square Printing

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Image Square Printing is a family-owned full-service printing company located in Santa Monica, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada. It was founded over 20 years ago with the goals of customer satisfaction and customer service first. They have become the on-line and personal source for hundreds of regional and national firms for their printing, large format printing, and display needs.

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Image Square Printing is a successful traditional printing shop in Santa Monica. They wanted to expand their online business to create new revenue streams.


Our strategy was to focus on large format printing and specialty printing. We wanted to create an eCommerce website that is very easy to navigate and makes placing orders quick and simple for business owners. We would then market their specialty printing services in the Los Angeles area via SEO, affiliate sales, and paid placement.



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We started by redesigning their logo and branding. We organized their catalog of printing products and services and wrote descriptions for each product and service. We created a highly optimized eCommerce catalog and website. We produced banners and video ads for affiliates. We conducted SEO, affiliate, and paid placement campaigns to bring in traffic and revenue.





“Because of Navazon, our orders have been exploding.

– Kavian Soudbakhsh


Image Square Printing had a 300% increase in traffic to their website. They increased their overall revenue by 40% within 6 months of launch and 200% within 18 months. They purchased new printing equipment and moved to a new location to accommodate the extra business.

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