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Kebab Bar

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The Shirvani family has created tasty Mediterranean dishes for four generations. Kebab Bar features only fresh ingredients sourced from local farmers and meat purveyors. They prepare these delicious foods in the natural way that they have practiced for many years. Their latest Los Angeles creation is the Kebab Bar near LAX, and their 2nd location in Hollywood is under construction.
Their great flavors, original recipes, and warm, inviting hospitality have helped shape their family tradition for four generations.

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The owners wanted to create a new restaurant concept, “Craft Casual Mediterranean Food,” to create a new website and new menus in multiple locations in the Los Angeles area. Their first location is near LAX.


We conducted a Competitive Market Analysis researching competitor Mediterranean food items offered around the LAX area. We researched favorite menu items around the U.S., spoke to their suppliers and meat purveyors, and with that research, we helped them create a new menu with popular items that are priced competitively for people on the go.



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We designed their logo and brand colors to help them stand out on crowded food delivery apps like Postmates, Grubhub, Doordash, and Ubereats. We created the menu items, offerings, prices, and portion sizes to present the best value in their target area. We conducted a photo shoot at their location and brought in a food stylist to capture mouth-watering pictures. We built their website and added an ordering system using standard shopping carts. This saved them hefty fees associated with using third-party restaurant ordering software. We designed their print and overhead menus. We also designed window cling graphics

We researched competitors’ catering offerings and packages and came up with a new competitive catering package.



We created a brand awareness ad campaign targeting people around LAX who eat out often and target people arriving and departing LAX and passing by the restaurant. This resulted in receiving immediate orders as soon as the restaurant opened its doors. Their new site received 1600 sessions per week within two months of opening.