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Maha Art

Expression. Exploration. Inspiration. Those three pillars typify the transformational work of Maha – artist, sculptor, and imaginative mentor. Persian-born and Melbourne-educated with a master’s degree in fine arts-Painting, Maha sees her art as a reflection of the beauty of nature and people, as well as the wondrous complexities of life. Though skilled in a wide range of art forms and media, Maha specializes in acrylics, often on canvas, aluminum, brass, and gold sheet. She has created many large form pieces, each one expressing elements of joy, freedom, and creativity.

Maha Art painting.


Maha specializes in large format paintings for large homes, hotels, and businesses. She wanted to reach and target architects and interior designers and introduce them to her art pieces.


Create a digital online gallery showcasing her artwork in a simulated environment. Reaching out to architects and interior designers to raise awareness and generate interest in her work.



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We created an online gallery for her and displayed her paintings as digital installations so that the viewer can see what it would look like installed on a wall in homes and businesses. We met we her, and our copywriter updated her bio. We updated her logo and signature to something to represents her new vision and brand.
We designed a color-printed brochure showcasing her latest creations that were sent to architects and interior designers. We also ran Facebook ads targeting architects and interior designers.
We shot videos of her while working on a large painting to show her unique process.



Her website is receiving qualified traffic from architects, interior designers, and homeowners. She had many commissions for large-scale works of art and continues to create beautiful works of art.