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NIU College offers exceptional and affordable vocational education in the San Fernando Valley area. With programs ranging from 3 weeks to 9 months, they help students get hands-on training in a variety of programs while also helping them with job placement.

NIU-College Portfolio


In 2018, NIU-College came to Navazon with a goal of increasing its market reach in its local area. Their old website was not mobile-friendly, which was a huge problem since their millennial audience mostly uses mobile devices.


First, we needed to build a modern site design. We also recommended creating highly optimized landing pages for each course, and market those landing pages with their associated keywords.

Logo design Digital Marketing Agency

Logo Design

Website Design Digital Marketing Agency

Website Design

Copywriting Digital Marketing Agency

Copy Writing

Landing page Digital Marketing Agency

Landing Page Design

Pay Per Click Ad Digital Marketing Agency

PPC Advertising

Social media presence Digital Marketing Agency

Social Media Presence


In an effort to highlight the beautiful Woodland Hills location of the college, we shot some aerial footage of the building at sundown. That warm and welcoming footage appears at the top of the home page, giving off that positive first impression. We conducted competitive market research, met with NIU management and wrote copy that clearly distinguishes NIU College from other colleges in the area. We created highly optimized and compelling landing pages for each course, which is still on-going.  Next, we would create ad campaigns on Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram to promote the courses.
  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • Copy Writing
  • Landing Page Design
  • PPC Advertising
  • Social Media Presence


Our graphic design team created an updated logo to fit the new look of the website. In addition to photography, we took beautiful aerial videography of the building. Finally, we wrote effective landing page copy for each course.


NIU College is a new client, so we do not have enough historical data for a complete analysis. However, early indicators show that the newly designed landing pages are highly successful. We can also see that most of their traffic is received via organic search, which was their goal. So far, so good!