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Phone Check

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PhoneCheck is a mobile phone diagnostics software which helps mobile phone resellers diagnose, repair and erase their mobile phones in bulk. It saves reseller businesses money and time by quickly testing over 60+ points of diagnostics on hundreds of mobile devices in just two minutes. In addition, they certify the phones as tested – think of it like CarFax for used mobile phones. This certification allows resellers to make data-driven purchasing decisions, increase the quality of their offerings and build a great seller reputation. It also helps the end-user to confidently purchase a phone, knowing it has been tested and certified.

Website Design | B2B Marketing PhoneCheck


PhoneCheck wished to update their branding to enforce their authority as a trusted certification company. They were getting a good amount of traffic to their site, however, mostly from consumers rather than resellers. In order to reach their target market, a repositioning of SEO efforts was needed.


We needed to switch their SEO strategy from B2C to B2B.  We also wanted to give their website a more professional look. One that is befitting of an innovative software technology company. We would create clear messaging and a clear value proposition for mobile device resellers. Then set out to reach resellers and deliver that message.

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Navazon updated PhoneCheck’s existing logo, giving it a more contemporary look while maintaining the original overall design. This was in an effort to retain their existing investment in their logo. We also created a new website that not only looks great but is also highly optimized to rank for their most important keywords and get that B2B traffic.

We took over blogging and SEO marketing efforts, as well. We started blogging about topics with keywords that are of interest to their reseller community, rather than the consumer so that their website would be found more easily by resellers.

We created a multi-faceted B2B outreach campaign with a sales funnel that identifies, engages and nurtures prospects. It takes them through a funnel that educates them on the value and benefits of PhoneCheck and eventually turns them into a sales lead. As part of that, we created freemiums to attract prospects to the funnel. These were highly successful, as seen in the results of our email campaigns and opt-ins.

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Since we were changing the traffic entirely from consumers to resellers, we originally expected the overall traffic quantity to decrease, but the quality of traffic to increase. However, we were pleasantly surprised to find that traffic actually increased compared to the previous year, showing that there is a strong market we are successfully reaching.