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Tequila Amor


Unspoiled, untamed. A wicked love that knows no boundaries. That is the essence of Tequila Amor – pure 100% blue agave, from the rugged, mysterious mountains of Guadalajara. It is tequila meant to be relished, yet also respected, like the fearless, alluring woman who graces our label. Open yourself to the possibilities and sip, savor… surrender.

Tequila Amor


Tequila Amor is a new premium tequila brand starting up in the LA market.  They wanted a modern website that showcases their products for B2B as well B2C markets.  They wanted to distinguish their premium tequila from others in the market.


First, we had to figure out what the problem was with their rapidly declining SEO traffic. We began by running a site audit, where we found many errors. Their site was very slow and did not support mobile devices properly and, with over 60% of all web traffic coming from mobile, this was causing a high bounce rate. We took a look at the back-end of their site and saw many competing technologies used by various agencies and contractors throughout the years, which was one of the contributing factors to the site running so slowly. Our recommendation was that only way to fix the Cliffside Malibu site was to rebuild it from scratch. The website is made up of over 3,500 pages, which would have to be manually redone one-by-one. It was a huge undertaking and a potentially large expense for the client, however, the new management at Cliffside Malibu saw the long-term vision of a new website and we got to work.

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Logo Update



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Website Design

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Video Production


We started by trying to understand their target consumer audience at a deeper level.  Using Empathy Mapping, we created a detailed persona for a few ideal buyers. With this new insight into the buyer, our copywriter wrote copy for website pages. We also photographed the bottles with tequila-sipping glasses and produced a couple of fast-paced videos for social media.  We created a Media Kit for Tequila Amor’s sales staff for their B2B outreach.

  • Update Branding
  • Media Kit
  • Website Design
  • Copy Writing
  • Product Photography
  • Product Video Production