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Client Case Study

The Gold Group

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A David vs Goliath Story

The Gold Group is the pre-eminent marketing and promotion agency for live entertainment, experiences, museum exhibitions, and family entertainment. The Gold Group’s current and past client list includes many household names such as Ringling Brothers Circus, Disney, Pixar, King Tut, The World of Barbie, and Van Gogh to name just a few. With over a billion dollars in ticket sales and experience in over 200 markets, they are unmatched in their reach and market power. When a show or experience opens in your city, they are most likely the agency creating the excitement to attend.

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Defining The Gold Group’s Unique Selling Feature

The Gold Group approached Navazon Digital to look at the new website that a Nationally known advertising agency in New York had created for them. They also asked Navazon to create a video that could go into the new site. Because of our experience with new clients, we got to know them, we listened to their client pitches, and we got to know what their clients wanted. This was something that the nationally known agency assumed to know and didn’t spend the time to really know. It became clear to us what The Gold Group’s unique position in the industry is and what their clients wanted.

Once our investigation was complete, Navazon presented a video script to The Gold Group and a vision for a new website. The Gold Group immediately scrapped the new website from the New York Agency. They awarded us the opportunity to create a unique, compelling website and video that clearly highlighted their strengths and spoke directly to prospective clients.



Bridging Creativity with Technology

Because we understood The Gold Group’s business through our in-depth research and time spent getting to know them, we knew that we had to create a website and video that was out of the box utilizing the newest web technologies. Their clients are on the cutting edge and they need to be seen as leaders in technology and creativity. Our approach was clear:

  • Harness the latest technology to create an interactive, visually stunning website.
  • Engage potential clients with a dynamic video that explains and sells The Gold Group.
  •  Accentuate the unique features that The Gold Group brings to their clients.
  • Speak directly to potential Clients in the language they understand.
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Bridging Creativity with Technology, our meticulous process, was the key to achieving The Gold Group’s vision:

  • Understanding their vision
  • Understanding their unique selling propositions
  • Understanding what their clients want
  • Leveraging cutting-edge technology to build an interactive website.
  • Crafting web animations to showcase their work, reach, and client value.
  • Creating a high-energy video that sets The Gold Group apart from their competitors.
  • Building a unique website with a cutting-edge scrolling effect to captivate viewers.




David Slays Goliath!

The Gold Group couldn’t be happier with the results. Their new website and video are shining examples of the creative and technical prowess that Navazon Digital brings to the table. We’ve transformed their online presence to match the unforgettable experiences they bring to the market for their clients.


At Navazon Digital, we take pride in providing innovative solutions that align with our client’s visions and bring their businesses to new heights.