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Navazon Logo Design for WeatherWeld Logo

WeatherWeld is a commercial roofing manufacturing company that has been using their own innovative technology for over 20 years. A unique system invented by their CEO, WeatherWeld provides roofing solutions for schools, public buildings, high-rises and more. As a company comprised of people who are used to working in agencies, WeatherWeld quickly realized their marketing efforts were not working. Their branding looked more like a neighborhood roofing company, rather than the large-scale commercial roofing technology they are. In addition, they were having a hard time educating their target audience about their technology without overwhelming them with information.

WeatherWeld Award Winning Website Design


WeatherWeld wanted to clearly distinguish themselves as a commercial roofing solutions company, while easily communicating their unique technology to customers without overloading them.


Our strategy was to not only rebrand them as a commercial solution, but to also work hard to completely understand their industry and technology from the inside out. Only from there could we truly be able to communicate with their customers, simplify their messaging and attract the right audience.

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In order to show the scale of their business as a commercial solution rather than a neighborhood roofer, we redesigned their website with a focus on large-scale imagery. We also worked to identify three target audiences – architects, public entities and high-rise building owners. Each of these audiences have their own set of concerns and needs, so we created 3 different landing pages, presentations and white papers to speak their unique languages. In addition, we worked to simplify their messaging into quick, engaging infographics with all their business history and relevant information.

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Navazon successfully positioned WeatherWeld as a commercial roofing technology company, and as a result, WeatherWeld was able to earn a contract with the largest commercial building in California – the Anaheim Convention Center. Navazon has been able to take advantage of this important contract by interviewing their facilities manager to use for further marketing, and new contracts keep on coming.

Client Comments

I have experience with the largest agencies in the world, graduate business degree to match and I can say unequivocally that you will find no higher caliber marketing talent in the business.  This is not just a web design internet house, but a small true full-service agency, not run by kids but by real pros who have seen it all.  They enjoy the real challenge of helping smaller companies who do not have unlimited resources, beat the bigger companies.  How? They are talented, smart and are on the leading edge.  If you feel there’s no agency that could ever fit with your company, or who will understand the problems you are facing …Stop…. you owe it to yourself and all the people who depend on you, to give this unique agency a call. They took a 25-year-old mfg company in a declining industry and tripled sales the first year…and now looks like sales will double again as plans unfold this coming year.   I think success says it all.   We are lucky to be a client.

Greg Jones