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Client Case Study

ZarMoney Cloud Accounting


ZarMoney is about to revolutionize cloud accounting. With a wide range of features including accessibility to your books from anywhere with any device and customer support in the USA, they just needed one thing: to get the word out.

ZarMoney Website


Since we were faced with competing with the behemoth that is QuickBooks and other large accounting programs, we needed a way to stand out and get the attention of small business owners who are choosing an accounting system for the first time. In order to sweeten the deal, the decision was made to make it free for one user. That way, we can sign up small businesses as they start, then eventually upgrade them to a paid model with enterprise-level features and more users.


We recommended creating a website with landing pages that offer what QuickBooks and other competitors offer, line by line. A video that the small business owner can relate to and help establish trust for the new company would be an important lead capture, as well as paid placement and social media to reach the right audience.

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We started out by reviewing the features and benefits of other accounting software vendors and made sure that we could match or surpass them on every item. We created a beautiful and functional website with landing pages that communicate the value of ZarMoney for new businesses. We produced a video that tells the story of a businesswoman in her store using ZarMoney, and also produced a different video where a long-time user of ZarMoney shared their experience of the software. We created social media pages for the brand and created ad campaigns on Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram.

  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • Social Media Presence
  • Copy Writing
  • Ad Campaigns
  • Social Media Posts
  • Video Production
  • Customer Testimonial Video
  • Integrated Digital Marketing


We designed a modern and mobile-friendly website that highlights the benefits and features of the accounting software. We produced a video showcasing the software in use by a businesswoman, and created a use-case video of a ZarMoney software user.


ZarMoney is in its pilot phase, where they are testing and improving software features with a small group of users. In preliminary test marketing campaigns, we saw a positive response on test ads, which brought on the current user base. Their marketing infrastructure is ready to scale as soon as they are ready to go, and we’re ready right along with them!