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Elite Clinical Network, a dedicated network of clinical research sites, had an idea for an app to revolutionize the clinical trials workflow. Their idea was simple: The app would automate their workflow as well as improve accountability, performance and data collection. The app would run on iPads at the clinic, allowing the pharmaceutical reps to sign in, select their study and log their findings. It would then generate reports and send them to all the stakeholders. Our client knew their app would change the industry, and can they couldn’t wait to get started and spread the message.

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First things first: They needed help developing the app. Essentially, the app would automate many aspects of a clinical research clinic. This meant that the functionality needed to be simple enough for office staff to use, while also being sophisticated enough for the pharmaceutical reps. The app’s major feature would be to turn the collected data into attractive, easy-to-read reports.


While building an initial version of the app, we wanted to leave the most valuable features for the user base. Doing this would encourage wide adaptation, leaving room to improve as user feedback rolls in. For the generated reports, we wanted their design to be graphical and easy to understand. Along with the development of the app, we would also create marketing materials to go along with it in order to strengthen the chances of the app’s success.

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We wanted to understand the app and its purpose from the inside out, in order to gain the proper understanding of all the app’s requirements and features and then prioritize them. Our marketing team was involved with our app designers from day one in an effort to help develop the proper messaging and branding for the app.

When we designed the interface, we reviewed other apps in the pharmaceutical space that reps and staff use in their daily routine. Studying this user experience would allow for a familiar UI for the user, allowing it to be easy to use and adapt to. Meanwhile, our back-end team was writing APIs that would serve data to both the app and the accompanying website. In addition, our marketing team and copywriters worked on the presentation, the app’s marketing website, and messaging that would communicate the value of the new app for the various stakeholders.

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The beta version of the app was released for the internal use of the company, where it would be tested and improved upon. The marketing materials are used to easily showcase the app’s benefits at trade shows, and the website successfully communicates the benefits of the app in an engaging, easy-to-understand way.