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Lisa Roberts


Lisa Roberts is a four year Stage IV Breast Cancer Thriver. When she was diagnosed in early 2014, she had to quickly begin navigating the seemingly infinite galaxy of information and decisions required to find her own, most true-to-herself healing path. Lisa’s healing journey, which is ongoing, has given birth to a calling to help others learn to navigate the tricky waters of cancer treatment protocols, both traditional and radical, and find their own path to healing. Her mission has become to help other thrivers find, and then amplify, their own voice, which lay the foundation for healing to begin.

Lisa Roberts Website Design


Lisa wanted a vehicle to share her experiences and journey as a Stage IV Breast Cancer Thriver with others who have been diagnosed with Cancer. She has made it her life’s mission to help others navigate the different treatment methods to find one that works for them, as well as help them through the nuances, terminology and all other things related to breast cancer.


We wanted to design a deeply personal, yet professional brand for Lisa. A website that helps her share her experiences in the cancer healing process in hopes that it may help others easily find their unique path to a full recovery of their mind, body, and spirit.

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Lisa lives in Northern California, which is far from our office in Southern California.  We had a few phone calls where she described her vision for the site and thoroughly explained her mission. We reviewed many other cancer-related sites and held in-house meetings to devise a content strategy that is in line with her vision.  As with most people, our team members in our office have had either personal or family experience with cancer.  We were all very eager to do our very best to further Lisa’s cause.

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For her logo, our graphic designer created a stylized signature that conveys a friendly and personal feel. We featured pictures of Lisa in a natural setting to communicate closeness to nature. This all helped create a website with a feminine theme, and added a blog where she can continue to share her ongoing journey.


Lisa is thrilled with the outcome of her site, and she is enjoying to continue sharing her journey and experience with her peers. Having someone to relate to gives comfort, and she is finding that her website does just that.

Client Comments

Lisa Roberts TestimonialI recently launched a new business and was looking for someone to develop a website for me that could translate my message. I have no experience in website design, but I had a general idea of what I wanted.

The Navazon team was amazing in taking what little information I provided and turning it into a beautiful website. I had no changes to the design of the websites look and feel – they hit the mark exactly as I’d envisioned it.

They made excellent recommendations on what worked from a marketing and messaging perspective. I wanted a website that was personal, professional and soothing to clients who are in a stressful time in their lives. They delivered more than what I had anticipated.

They are real pros and I feel honored to have worked with them. I highly recommend them for your project.

Lisa Roberts