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Tarzana Cosmetic MedSpa

Winner of the 2017 Communicator Awards | Award of Distinction | Best Website Design | Visual Appeal – Aesthetics
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Combining the privacy of a doctor’s office with the serenity of a spa, Tarzana Cosmetic Medspa offers a wide range of beauty and wellness enhancements from skin care and anti-aging treatments to Botox, dermal fillers, laser and pixel services, sclerotherapy, photo rejuvenation, and weight management programs. When Dr. Kamaran Safvati first took ownership of Tarzana Cosmetic Med Spa, it was a struggling business, to say the least. As a caring, kind doctor beloved by all his patients, Dr. Safvati saw the opportunity to lend his skills to the MedSpa in order for it to begin thriving once again.

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In 2016, Tarzana Cosmetic MedSpa came to Navazon for some brand new, fresh marketing. They wanted to clearly distinguish themselves from their competitors’ services while extending their brand reach throughout different areas of Los Angeles.


With a focus on beauty and captivating offers and calls to action, we devised a 360-degree marketing strategy for Tarzana Cosmetic MedSpa. With both short-term and long-term marketing channels, we aimed to catapult their rankings and surpass their competitors within a year – which we succeeded on.

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Since Tarzana Cosmetic MedSpa came to us for a full revamp, we began with researching and developing their positioning and messaging. We identified their target audiences, their tone and language and types of messaging and imagery that they respond to. We then developed their service description and benefits in a way that would stand out amongst their competitors. We produced video using an actress that represents their average target audience’s demographics. The video allows the viewer to see the experience that they can expect at the MedSpa along with compelling testimonials from their existing clientele.

We ran multi-channel brand awareness and direct sales campaigns in the neighboring cities. This was a full marketing campaign with display and search advertising, SEO, video marketing, and social media branding and marketing to spread their message.

  • Positioning Statement/Branding
  • Service Description and Benefits
  • Ads for Display and Search Campaigns
  • Video Production
  • Website Development
  • Photoshoot
  • Social Media Branding
  • Copywriting


Logo Design Logo Design - A simple, clean logo fit the company’s new tranquil vibe perfectly. medspa logo design los angeles Website Design Award Winning Website Design - In order to bring Dr. Kamran Safvati’s marketing vision of a serene MedSpa to life, we used clean colors and crisp lines to make the website as organized and calm as the spa itself. The website was awarded "Best Website Design for Aesthetics" in 2017. medspa website design navazon digital los angeles Landing Pages Highly optimized landing pages were created for all the main MedSpa services. These pages not only rank high on search engines but also convert visitors to callers. medspa landing page los angeles marketing agency Overview Video Video Production - As part of our integrated marketing efforts as well as to show potential clients a glimpse of what it’s like inside Tarzana Cosmetic MedSpa’s doors, our video production team developed a beautiful and compelling video that was used on the site, and on social media. medspa video navazon digital marketing agency woodland hills Viral Video 1 Video Production. We produce low-cost, high-energy viral videos that are used for social media advertising video marketing,
and SEO efforts.
medspa video navazon digital los angeles
Viral Video Es Video Production in Spanish. We produced a video ad in Spanish and targeted Spanish-speaking audiences on social media,
sending them a specially designed Spanish landing page with special offers. This campaign has had tremendous success.
medspa video marketing agency Los Angeles
Viral Video 3 Video Production. Fast paced video production highlighting customer satisfaction and reviews. medspa video navazon digital marketing agency los angeles Google Ad Google Ad - These types of ads need a quick call to action, so we used captivating imagery with all the initial information someone would need in order to make a call. medspa google ad navazon digital los angeles Facebook Ads Facebook Ad - Citing urgency, our Facebook ads make the user feel as if they are getting an exclusive deal. It was so successful, we developed more in Spanish. medspa facebook ad navazon digital los angeles Facebook Ad Es Facebook Ad medspa facebook ad navazon digital los angeles Facebook Ad Facebook Ad medspa facebook ad navazon digital los angeles Facebook Ads Facebook Ad medspa facebook ad navazon digital los angeles Instagram Ads Instagram Ad - Instagram ads have to stand out more so than others, due to quick scroll time. We got straight to the point and used captivating imagery to urge the call to action. medspa instagram ad navazon digital los angeles Instagram Ads Instagram Ad medspa instagram ad navazon digital los angeles


Tarzana Cosmetic MedSpa now dominates Google search pages for all of their target keywords – this includes multiple listings throughout the first page of Google search results, local business listings and top video ranking on YouTube.  Analytics shows a steady and predictable flow of traffic, website leads and phone calls.

Marketing Results Marketing Results Tarzana Cosmetic Digital Marketing Results Marketing Results Marketing Results Tarzana Cosmetic Digital Marketing Results First Page of Google's Search Results Marketing Results Marketing Results Tarzana Cosmetic Digital Marketing Results Top Ranking Youtube Video for Keyword

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