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The Journey Home

The Journey Home was created over 20 years ago to be a safe, loving “village” for women to begin their journey to lasting recovery from addiction and the underlying causes that lead them to addiction.


The Journey Home had a website but no real online presence, no leads, and no clients. The new management hired us to complete rebranding, increase market reach, create an engaging website with engaging content, and create a whole new look, including a brochure.


We started by interviewing the new management team, new ownership, and investors to get a vision for creating the new brand. We designed a new brand messaging centered around women by women. We created a new brand look, logo, color pallet and wrote a new copy.



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The Journey Home is in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, so we hired a photographer located near them to save cost. We found and interviewed photographers in Baton Rouge and selected one that could deliver quality work. We created a shot list for them and directed them throughout the entire process.


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Before we started our marketing strategy, the journey home had no SEO or social media presence, and they only had direct traffic from organic search. Although their SEO was new when we first started, they saw a %25 increase in traffic coming from SEO within two months.