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Wondering what to post on social media?

Use our updated social media calendar for January 2017 to talk about interesting calendar events.

Calendar events make for timely and interesting posts. We have also included popular hashtags for most of the events that appear on the calendar.  Hover your mouse over the event to see the hashtags.

Interesting Trivia for the Month of January

  • January was named after the Roman god Janus who presided over the gate to the new year.
  • The flower symbol of January is snowdrop and carnation.
  • The Chinese floral emblem of January is the plum blossom.
  • January in the Northern Hemisphere is the seasonal equivalent to July in the Southern Hemisphere.
social media calendar January 2017

Monthly Events for January

  • Baking Month
  • Bath Safety Month
  • Blood Doner Month
  • Braille Literacy Month
  • Codependency Awareness Month
  • Fat-Free Living Month
  • National Hobby Month
  • Hot Tea Month
  • Mentoring Month
  • Oatmeal Month
  • Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month
  • Slow Cooking Month
  • Soup Month
  • Stalking Awareness Month
  • Staying Healthy Month
  • Thank You Month
  • Weight Loss Awareness Month

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