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Ways to Make Your Facebook Ads Perform Better Today

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Ways to Make Your Facebook Ads Perform Better Today

Ways to Make Your Facebook Ads Perform Better Today

So, you’re running Facebook ads, but they need a little bit of love. Your competitors are getting crazy conversions, but yours don’t seem to be getting the same kind of action. Don’t feel the need to completely scrap the whole thing and throw in the towel yet – there is hope! Luckily, there are four easy things you can do – today – to have your Facebook ads perform better.

Step Up Your Facebook Ads Visuals

You have less than a second to capture your audience’s attention. That’s it – not even one entire second. Make sure that the visual for your ad is something relevant to your product or service and is engaging. Make sure it’s not things like your logo, that it’s not a stock photo and that it’s something that isn’t too busy. Keep your visuals clear, clean and easy to interpret. This can even mean going as far as creating a video ad – they perform better, anyway.

Stay Timely with Your Facebook Ads

Make sure your ad is as relevant as possible, even down to the weather or season. Labor Day is coming up, so make sure you call that out in your ad and remove mention of it after Labor Day is over. There’s nothing worse than catching an ad that isn’t timely, it just makes it look like you have it as a low priority. Keeping it relevant will help your ad’s placement and where it lands in the algorithm, so start planning for ways to keep it timely in the coming months, too.

Ways to Make Your Facebook Ads Perform Better Today

Ways to Make Your Facebook Ads Perform Better Today

Get Local

We all know that local SEO gives the best results, so why not try it with your ad? If your ad is being served to all people in the USA between the ages of 22 and 65, chances are, you are going to get lost in the woods. Drill down even more and target whatever is most relevant to you, such as women ages 40-45 who live in Woodland Hills. This will help give you more meaningful conversions, which help your ad perform better and this gives your SEO a boost, as well.

Give Them a Copy Refresh

If you’ve had the same ad running for ages, make sure that you give it a copy refresh. Many times, ads can be served over and over again to the same person if they are in your target audience. There could be a good chance that they might get sick of seeing your ad and tell Facebook to stop serving it to them. Make sure that you don’t have this happen – refresh your ad copy so that your target audience has something new to look at, and possibly something more convincing so that they finally pull the trigger and move up your ladder.

Are you looking for even more ways to help your Facebook ads perform better? Let us know! We can help you with your Facebook ads, social media strategy and more.

Armed with over 10 years of experience in digital marketing, Jaclyn Uloth started her career at a full-service digital marketing firm for five years, guiding many websites to completion as well as developing and executing sophisticated marketing strategies for countless brands. More recently, she was in charge of digital, social media, and paid advertising efforts for well-known multinational franchise operations. Currently, she is using her years of experience and writing abilities to write marketing copy and blogs to boost the online presence of the brands she works with.