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Make Your Investment in
Sleep Medicine Pay Off!

You have invested your hard-earned money into the burgeoning field of Sleep Dentistry Medicine. You have paid the fees for access to devices, taken the required courses, and are now going through your current patients determining which need these new services you have invested in. To really grow the sleep medicine side of your practice, you need to bring in new patients that need this treatment. That is where we come in. We have been helping practices just like yours get new patients at amazing ROIs.

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Up to 10 Times Return on Marketing Investment!

If your current marketing firm doesn’t talk to you about ROI, that could be a problem. Everything that we do as a marketing company is results-oriented. We realize that unless your investment is growing your practice in your most profitable areas, you won’t continue with us. The reality is that when you make money then we make money. So, the motivation is on both sides.

Actual Client Results

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Up to 10 Times Return on Investment


Dentist And Patient Discussing TreatmentGet Qualified Patients for
Dental Sleep Medicine

For the past 3 years, we have been filling dental practices with Sleep Apnea, TMJ, and Airway patients. We implement marketing programs that are tested, and the results speak for themselves. Many marketing firms may know the general dental market but they do not know the Dental Sleep Medicine market.

We have tested many different campaigns over the years and we now employ truly tested programs. Other marketers can’t say this. We have been providing our clients with leads that are producing anywhere from 5 to 10 times their marketing investment!

Keep Your Current Marketing Firm

If you are happy with your current marketing firm for your dental practice, we are not asking you to change. We are only interested in helping you expand your Sleep, TMJ, and Airway business.

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