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Website Design and Digital Marketing
for Law Firms in Los Angeles

Elevate your law firm’s brand presence and attract more qualified leads

Your website is often the first experience that your referrals, clients, recruits, and partners have with your firm. Don’t settle for an average website and risk losing clients and top legal talent. Make a lasting impression with a professional website by Navazon. We provide turnkey solutions from website design, to creating and executing an effective marketing strategy, to workflow automation.

For over 20 years, Navazon has been helping attorneys and legal firms gain qualified leads, attract top talent and expand their practice. Our time-tested methodologies and solid partnerships will give your law firm a strategic advantage over your competition. Navazon is vertically integrated, with all services performed in-house. That allows us to tightly control quality and deliver creative marketing solutions that are superior to other Los Angels marketing agencies…delivering true value to our legal clients.

We invite you to explore our services and portfolio of work. Contact us for a free consultation and a custom price quote tailored to your firm’s unique needs.

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Marketing Services For Legal Firms

Website Design

Lead Generation


Google Ads

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Bing, YouTube and Yahoo Ads

Social Media Marketing

Local Directory Listings

Google Business Optimization

Blog Assistance and Creation

Traditional Media/TV/Radio/Outdoor

Tracking and Reporting Integrations

Expertise in CRM Systems and Integrations

Branding and Collateral Materials

Surveys and testimonials

Complete In-House Creative Dept Including Video Production

Budgets and Digital Marketing for Legal Firms

Whether you are a solo practitioner or a larger, established law firm looking to expand your practice, Navazon will create a strategy that works best for you and your budget. First, we carefully create a low-budget test campaign to find out the cost per lead and cost per acquisition (client sign up).

Once we get these metrics, we decide with you how fast we should scale these digital campaigns. This pacing method can be especially useful for smaller firms, so as not to overwhelm your front office.

Navazon will work with you to find the best possible outcome that will meet your needs at a budget and pace that works for you.

Lead Generation for Attorneys and Law Firms

Digital Marketing For Law FirmsCa Ventura Advertising Agencies 2020 InverseWe are a full-service law firm marketing agency in Los Angeles, dedicated to helping attorneys like you increase your new client revenue and grow your practice. We are a Google Ads Certified Partner and a Facebook Marketing Partner. One of our specialties is creating highly detailed lead generation campaigns that initiate qualified leads for your law practice.

Our custom lead-generation campaigns target the specific type of audience that meets your qualification requirements. Your law office will receive as many leads as you can handle, though your custom lead generation campaign can be paced at the rate that your front office can process.

Leads Dial IncreasingCRM and Workflow Automation

We help integrate the lead generation campaign with your existing in-house CRM system or build a new one for you to track your communication with your new prospects. This enables you to effectively measure conversions and success rates.

Our team also can write and automate all email and text communication with your prospects and leads. We will help train your staff to manage the leads to ensure the highest conversion rate possible.

Social Media Ads

Our team plans and executes all of your digital marketing campaigns to ensure a continuous flow of new leads.  That will allow you to plan for the future and scale your practice at a managed pace.  From writing the copy, designing graphics, and videos, we make sure your law office stays relevant and your digital marketing campaigns continue to attract new clients.

Powerful Videos for Your Law Firm

There are multiple types of videos that will help your law firm gain traction with your desired audience. Navazon will help you create the videos that will benefit you the most, positioning you as Los Angeles’ go-to firm. This includes everything from testimonial videos to informational videos, and even commercials to promote your law firm as a whole…all of them powerful and on-point.

Matching a face to a brand or company puts clients at ease when they’re thinking about coming to you for your services. You want your audience to feel comfortable and reassured when watching your videos, especially since they would most likely be coming to you for help during times of stress.

Navazon will produce professional, trustworthy videos easily seen on social media platforms and your website. These videos will be optimized to work with your SEO campaign to redirect traffic to your website. Well-produced videos will not only build credibility for your law firm but also bring in more opportunities for revenue.

Professional Videos Produced for Legal Firms

English Explanation Videos

Spanish Explanation Videos

Law Firm FAQ Videos

Get Leads Quickly With Google Local Services Ads

Google Local Services Screen GrabWhat are Google Local Services Ads? They are paid ads that appear above all other search results, including traditionally paid search results. This new method of advertising requires screening and approval through Google to participate. Navazon can help you through this screening process, in order to take advantage of this exciting new feature.

Going through this screening process ensures a level of credibility that will make the user searching online more inclined to trust the ad. Consequently, this feature is perfect for lawyers looking to find new leads in their local area.

The Navazon team has years of experience with generating leads and keeping up with new services that Google offers. Let us make the journey of customer acquisition easier for you with our expertise.

Website Design for Your Legal Firm

Legal website visitors are usually either B2B clients or consumers in distress. Either way, they want to find answers quickly and concisely. For that reason, it is critical that the website be easy to navigate, loads fast and helps the user find the relevant content quickly. It is also important that the website be properly optimized for SEO so that it can rank high on search engines. Navazon will create a professional and easy-to-navigate legal website that instills trust and builds credibility for your legal firm.

Your Roadmap to Success

Our guidelines for a successful campaign have succeeded, over and over again. We start by interviewing you and your team members to learn about your practice areas and everything that makes your legal firm unique. Using our Competitive Market Analysis reports, we then study your competitors’ websites, ad campaigns, sources of traffic and other factors that make them successful. With this information in hand, we will propose a detailed roadmap for your success that covers all aspects of website design and digital marketing and advertising.

According to the State Bar of California, nearly 200,000 attorneys are actively practicing in California. So the competition is fierce, especially in Los Angeles. To attract quality clients, your legal website needs to stand out and compete effectively. Our team has years of experience creating websites that compete and win business. From start to finish, we obsess over all aspects of your website design, your offerings, user experience and audience conversion. It is our scientific approach and obsession with delivering results that make Navazon websites so different from others.

Samples of Work for Legal Firms

SEO for Law Firms

SEO services for your legal firm will give your web pages the boost it needs to reach the eyes of your potential clients. When people are searching for a law firm, they will be looking up phrases relating to the specific legal service they need, and you want to make sure you are a top result for their search.

This starts with the Navazon team creating web pages that are individually focused on a service you provide and applying advanced SEO techniques to make sure those pages show up when clients search for that service in a search engine.

The content on these web pages is the star of the show, so you want it to be well-written while using the correct keywords that are going to boost your SEO campaign. Some other companies might take your keywords and create pages for you that are too spammy, which will make your page lose visibility online. There is no point in having web pages highlighting your services if they are done incorrectly and don’t reach your audience. Navazon understands the ins and outs of SEO and how to do it correctly and ethically, in order to drive the online traffic that you are striving for. Put your website and marketing campaign in our hands, and let us mold a consistently successful strategy for you.

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