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Navazon has years of experience providing digital marketing to dentists and dental offices.  We understand the ins and outs of the dental business and know what our dental industry clients are looking for in a digital market. We have served many dental offices across Southern California helping them gain new clients for dental services such as veneers, All-on-4®, sleep apnea, Invisalign®, and more. For these services, we have performed extensive independent market research to provide the best possible outcome for our dental clients.

As a marketing agency with over 20 years of experience, we have a time-tested roadmap to send more qualified patients to your clinic.  Our strategic partnerships and proven marketing methodologies will help elevate your brand and present your treatments in the best light possible, creating trust and loyalty with potential patients.

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    Marketing Services For Dental Practices

    Lead Generation

    Website Design


    Google Ads

    Facebook & Instagram Ads

    Bing, YouTube, and Yahoo Ads

    Social Media Marketing

    Local Directory Listings

    Google Business Optimization

    Blog Assistance and Creation

    Traditional Media/TV/Radio/Outdoor

    Tracking and Reporting Integrations

    Expertise in CRM Systems and Integrations

    Branding and Collateral Materials

    Surveys and testimonials

    Complete In-House Creative Dept Including Video Production

    Growing Your Dental Office

    Through Sustainable Marketing

    Dentists come to us with a variety of growth goals.  Some are starting their own practice from scratch, others are buying a practice that they wish to grow, while others want to grow the practice to sell.  We create custom marketing plans with their goals in mind.  Although each dentist is very different, one thing is common.  They all want to grow their practice.  We help grow your company and brand by creating a brand message and online presence that is uniquely yours.

    We structure marketing plans that are measured and produce predictable results.  That allows you to plan and grow your dental practice at a pace that works for you.  You can always dial it up or down depending on your workload or growth strategy.

    Lead Generation for Dentists

    Not all dental offices are the same they cater to different types of clients.  Whether you are looking for a high volume of patients or you cater to high-end cosmetic dental clients, or you specialize in a particular type of treatment, Navazon will create custom lead-generation campaigns with detailed audience targeting that will attract the right patients who meet your qualification requirements. You can receive as many leads as you can handle. Your custom lead generation campaign can be paced as to not overwhelm your front office.

    CRM and Workflow Automation

    Once leads start flowing in, you will need a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program to track your communication with your new prospects in order to measure conversions and success rates. If you do not currently have a CRM program, our team will help your office select and configure the right CRM system, then train your staff on how to operate it and connect it to your Practice Management System.

    We write all the follow-up emails to keep your new leads engaged and get them excited about your treatment programs.

    Social Media Ads and Promotions

    Our team plans and executes all of your digital marketing campaigns and promotions to ensure a continuous flow of new leads.  That will allow you to plan for the future and scale your business at a managed pace.  From coming up with creative ideas for promotions to writing the copy, designing graphics, and videos, we make sure your dental office stays relevant and your digital marketing campaigns continue to attract new patients.

    Digital Marketing Budgets for Dentists

    At first, digital marketing as we conduct it may sound like a lot of detailed work and expensive. However, once most dentists learn our time-tested methodology of testing, measuring, and reducing risk, they understand that after the initial test phase, we can predict with a high level of accuracy, the cost per patient acquisition. Your marketing costs then become an investment with a predictable return on investment.

    We begin this process by designing a test campaign with a relatively low budget to determine your Cost Per Lead and Cost Per Acquisition (patient sign-up). Once we have those metrics, together we decide how fast to scale the campaign. With this methodology, you know how much it costs to acquire a new patient through digital marketing and you can pace the campaign and your ad spend based on how many patients your office can accommodate.

    Navazon is here to work with you to devise the very best marketing plan that meets your needs.  We strive to create sensible marketing plans that are sustainable for our clients.

    Explore Our Portfolio of Work for Dental Offices

    Logo Design Logo Design Logo Design Logo Design Website Design Website Design Website Design Website Design Banner Ads Banner Ads Banner Ads Banner Ads Social Media Posts Social Media Posts Video Video Video Video

    Videos and Commercials for Dentists

    The importance of video for digital marketing cannot be overstated. Consumers today are much more likely to watch an entertaining video than read copy. Video ads almost always perform better than text or banner ads.

    A well-produced video will give patients a better understanding of your practice and what to expect when they come in for their visit. It gives you a strategic advantage over your competitors by establishing trust even before they sit in your dental chair.

    Navazon produces professional videos that will tell your story in a compelling way, establish trust, and set the right level of expectations.  Our team creates a variety of videos like TV commercials, promotional videos, informational videos, and testimonial videos.

    Videos for your dental office will be used throughout your digital marketing campaigns to drive viewers and patients to your clinic.  We create a highly optimized YouTube channel for your clinic and promote your videos on YouTube, Google, and social media sites.

    Professional Videos Produced for Dental Offices

    Professional Website Design for Dentists

    Competition in the Los Angeles dental industry is fierce. Patients are savvy and will quickly compare many dentists to find the one that’s right for them. To stand out in a crowded marketplace, you need to have a crystal clear message and branding that resonates with your target audience. You need a contemporary website that is well-produced, easy to navigate on mobile devices, loads fast and ranks high on search engines.

    Finding a professional website designer for dentists that can deliver all of that can be difficult. In fact, a large number of dental websites are built using duplicated copy from other dentist sites! Replicating pages from other dentists make for a poor user experience and can lead to being delisted from the Google search engine.  We don’t believe in taking the easy way out in website design, which is why we take the time to interview our clients and learn what makes them unique.

    Although the Navazon team already has a firm grasp on a multitude of dental procedures. we will still work with you to uncover the specifics of your work and your treatment philosophy. We don’t believe in a one size fits all solution and will create your website to reflect your unique dental office. We create optimized landing pages based on your dental services that will direct the right patients your way.

    Modern SEO for Dentists

    Search Engine Optimization is complex and difficult to achieve without the knowledge and proper steps taken. With over 20 years of experience in running successful SEO campaigns, we know how to get your website and dental practice location on Google’s first page of search results.

    SEO evolves very quickly. The SEO tricks of 5 years ago not only no longer work but can cause your website to be penalized.  Unfortunately, some SEO companies employ spammy techniques in hopes of getting quick results but these black-hat tricks are known by Google and the site is flagged and delisted from search engines causing the dentist to lose all online visibility.  It is important to work with a local SEO company that not only uses white-hat SEO methods but also understands the local audience and their search habits.

    Our SEO work goes far beyond using the right keywords on your web pages and building backlinks.  Today’s SEO is about the coding that happens behind the scenes employing local schemas, video schemas, Q&A schemas, geo-tags, and local citations. Navazon has always been at the forefront of SEO technologies.  Our team members are all highly trained in creating optimized content and our SEO experts make sure that our clients’ web pages far surpass their competitors in proper SEO coding and optimization.

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