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Brochures That
Tell and Sell

Stand Out From Your Competition

Today, it is tougher than ever to stand apart from your competition. Like many of our clients pursuing new business, you may often have face-to-face interactions with potential clients, patients, and customers. So how do you leave a lasting impression?

What can you give to them that will keep you front and center when they are ready to commit? Your website and business card just aren’t enough. The answer is a branded, compelling brochure.

Company Brochure Design Los Angeles

Brochures That Get You Business

Your brochure is what people will remember once your meeting is over. It can tell your story in an inspiring way, highlight your unique features, and persuade your audience to move forward with you. We specialize in creating award-winning brochures that do what you need them to do – create more business for you! This is a process at which we excel. And here’s how we make it work for you:

Brochure Design Navazon Team Meeting Room 600
  1. We thoroughly study your website.
  2. We get to know you and your forward-facing staff.
  3. We get into the mindset of your potential customer, client, or patient.
  4. We maintain your brand in all aspects of layout and design.
  5. We choose and create elements that highlight and accentuate your attributes.
  6. Our written content speaks directly to the consumer and picks up where your website leaves off.
  7. Every element is focused on your compelling message and on motivating your audience to respond.
  8. Just to be sure, we provide unlimited revisions until the message is honed to perfection.
  9. We work directly with your printer or can recommend qualified printers.
  10. We deliver the brochure in multiple formats:
    1. Hi-resolution artwork for print
    2. Lightweight PDF for your website
    3. Digital flip-book that your customers can page through like a magazine.

Results-Driven Brochures

Navazon is a vertically-integrated agency that will move mountains to produce a brochure that generates your desired results. In this digital age, many of your competitors overlook this important piece of their marketing efforts. So having a memorable brochure that speaks directly to the end user gives you a competitive edge that translates into more revenue for your business.

Dazzle with Interactive Magazine-Style FlipBook Brochures

Navazon will create a powerful, response-generating HTML5 FlipBook that you can showcase on your website, or send to your clients via targeted emails. Your clients can page through this type of brochure on any device. The magazine-style FlipBook, favored by most consumers, is fully customized with your distinct branding for greater recall. Try the sample brochure here or view our Brochure Portfolio page to see more.

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At Navazon, we are uniquely positioned to create professional brochures that are not only beautiful, but also generate real business results.

Schedule a meeting with our Los Angeles-based, award-winning graphic design team to discuss your brochure project…and accelerate your business drawing power.