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Copywriting That Compels and Sells

The old adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words” may be true in many instances, but our copywriters at Navazon pen powerful, emotional words that clearly stand on their own. In fact, award-winning writing has been our staple from the beginning, exciting and inciting audiences to action. Great writing, like that from Navazon, can complement your brand in ways that visuals alone cannot do. True to our overall marketing strategy, there is a meaning behind every word, a purpose behind every phrase. First and foremost, there is always a story – perhaps yours – ready to be told.

Expression That Leads to an Impression

Skilled copywriting can express and explain not only your product or services but also the overall philosophy behind your enterprise. It can draw potential customers in so that they remain on the page long enough to understand the benefits and advantages that your company offers. While almost anyone can write a descriptive paragraph, our Navazon writing team puts it into words that not only are read, but truly felt.

Our writing philosophy is more than simply pretty words, though. An art form in one sense, copywriting is also one of the most important parts of an overall strategy that combines branding, selling and maintaining a marketplace presence. We utilize our well-chosen words to create instant excitement – such as a sale or a special event. Just as important, we write to build your story and to establish your credibility, to make a connection and expose a need within your consumer audience.

Giving Ideas a Voice

Copywriting Service Digital Marketing Agency Woodland HillsTo be particularly effective, your advertising and marketing strategy must have a recognizable voice. That means copywriting that is consistent in tone, style, and editorial slant. It means messaging that is always on point with your established brand. In fact, it is what helps to create that brand in the first place.

No matter the product or service, every successful business possesses three key elements in its messaging: 1) Consistency, 2) Professionalism, and 3) Passion. Navazon provides all of that and more. Our writing becomes a reflection of your own management style, philosophy, and enthusiasm. We take the time to get to know your business, its many nuances, and your customer base. Far from simply putting words to a page, our writers first conduct extensive due diligence, researching every aspect of your company and industry. We know that the best writing comes from knowing the subject matter, both inside and out.

In almost every case, our lead writer prepares a list of pertinent questions and, together with our management team and yours, conducts a far-reaching interview and discussion before any work is ever done. With that information in hand, our writer (or writers) spends additional time researching your company and its main competitors. So, by the time actual writing begins, we have a very solid understanding of the job at hand.

Put Full-Service to Full Use

Navazon is a full-service digital marketing company that believes a superior marketing campaign must include many different interconnected elements, from innovative design and technologically sound SEO, to extensive statistical analytics, cutting-edge social media and, yes, powerful writing. If you want it all, Navazon delivers on every count. And you can write that down. Or let us do it for you.