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Grow Your Business with Our Social Media Agency in Los Angeles

Social Media Marketing (SMM) can help you grow and expand your customer base. Keeping updated on social media platforms will help build meaningful connections to the right clients. Statistics show that social networks influence 74% of shoppers because they rely on these platforms for decision making.

Navazon Pie Chart Social Media Network Digital Marketing Statistics

Fifty-four percent of Twitter users recommend businesses or products in tweets. Having a presence on Twitter will reach these vital consumers who are looking for recommendations.

Social Media Twitter Digital Marketing

Instagram is a great place for building relationships with clients. Users on Instagram are 70% more engaged than users on Facebook, and 669% more than users on Twitter.

Social Media Instagram Digital Marketing

Social Signals

Social signals are also a great way to generate feedback from your audience while getting a boost in SEO trough their interactions with your posts. The more potential clients that like and share your social media posts, the more likely they will reach other potential clients.

Social signals show that the URL is of substantial content and is entertaining. This will increase the value of the page and cause a higher ranking of the post on Google.

Navazon’s Social Media Marketing Company Offers

Navazon is at the forefront of social media marketing and has been since the early days of social media. We give our clients the attention that they deserve to help propel them past their competitors. Our services are tailored to every client’s specific needs, designed to get the best results possible. Here is a broad listing of services our social media marketing agency offers:

Social Media Posts Digital Marketing Service


Social Media Posts


We keep your target audience engaged with regular social media posts that are relevant to your business. From selecting trending topics to producing engaging videos, we do all the work needed to create beautiful, branded posts.  Learn More.

Social Media Presence Service


Social Media Presence


We will make sure you have a professional, branded, and optimized presence on all major social media platforms.  Our team will also optimize your business profile on Google My Business. Learn More

Influencer Marketing Digital Marketing Service


Reputation Management


Word of mouth travels fast and in today’s online market and it can make or break a company. Let out team actively manage your reputation and notify you whenever a review is posted about your business anywhere on the internet.

social media strategy green icon with social media logos in a circle


SSM Strategy


Our social media marketing company in Los Angeles will work with you to devise a tailored strategy that delivers on your business goals. Using relevant topics, hashtags, and keywords, we will elevate your social media marketing process and engage your audience in ways that communicate and motivate.

icon for audience targeting for social media marketing


Audience Targeting


Targeting your audience and communicating with them on social media platforms will bring more awareness to your business. Building relationships with your target audience through social media posts increase engagement and results.

Competitive Market Analysis Digital Marketing Service


Social Media Analytics


We offer continuous monitoring, reporting, and tracking for your social media pages. This will enable you to use real-world analytic data to make business decisions, optimize your marketing strategy, and adjust your social media efforts. You’ll be amazed at what a difference it can make!

Our Social Media Agency in Los Angeles Keeps Up With Trending Topics and Content for Social Media Posts

Many business owners struggle to come up with content for their social media posts.  We know that you have a business to run and cannot keep up with every trend and topic on social media.  Our team has the tools, expertise, and methodologies to select targeted topics that interest your audience. We can craft posts that will get their attention and remain in their consciousness.   We have a variety of different methods for selecting topics to talk about:

Trending Topics and Hashtags

Navazon will work with you to select relevant topics for your social media posts. At Navazon, we use advanced software to uncover trending topics in your industry. We know what people are talking about on the various social media sites. We also recognize the hashtags that are gaining momentum and we use this information to create timely posts that drive your audience to action.

Top Questions

Our software also allows us to create content by tapping into what your clients are asking related to your business and industry.  We can see the top 10 questions that people have asked within the past few weeks, allowing us to create posts that answer these questions through social media. This will help your clients feel heard and valued.

Holidays and Calendar Events

Calendar-based posts are relatable and have wide appeal. From holiday greetings to Mother’s Day and National Pizza Day, we create timely posts that show your audience the human side of your business.

Current Events

Current events and calendar events should not be ignored in the process of a successful social media marketing campaign. The events happening globally or nationally must be recognized in order to create a more personal connection with your audience. At Navazon, we can create social media posts that address current events professionally, in a timely manner.

Production of Social Media Posts

Once a relevant topic is chosen for your social media post, we will produce the content with appealing photos and videos. You can select from any combination of the following options:

Licensed Stock Images and Videos. Our Los Angeles social media agency We have access to millions of licensed stock images and videos.  Our team expertly curates these photos and videos and from some of the best photographers in the world, then produces posts using our selections in the most compelling manner possible.

Professional Photography & Videography. If you would like to have your own professional photos or videos taken for your content, our experienced photographers and videographers will come to your office and shoot memorable still images and videos. One photo or video session usually yields enough content for a number of interesting posts.

Your  Personal Photos & Videos. Of course, you can also send us your own photos and videos.  Our team will deftly edit and use them to create engaging posts on social media.

Viral Social Media Videos

The social media team at Navazon will elevate your social media presence by creating high-quality video posts featuring licensed videos, images, and music.  These short videos will catch the eye of potential clients for your business and give you a more imposing presence.

Each video is custom branded with your logo and brand colors to set you apart from your competitors. The text will include both trending and content hashtags and phrases that are relevant to the topic and your industry.

Our Social Media Marketing Agency Gives You The Control

You will see every piece of content before it is posted. Once your posts have been produced by our team members, they are displayed on our trusted project management portal and you receive an email notification to review the post.

You can simply reply to the email and approve the post or ask for changes.  Our content producers will revise the content with unlimited revisions until you are totally satisfied with the outcome. Our team of quality control professionals will review your social media posts with a fine-tooth comb to ensure that they are perfect and ready for your audience to view.

If you’re too busy to monitor every post, it will auto-approve. We know that running a business can keep you busy, and you may not always have time to approve every post. If you do not respond within a few days, we assume that you are happy with the content and it moves to distribution. Of course, you can direct us to always wait for approvals before posting. Like we said, you’re in control!

Distribution of Social Media Posts

After a post is approved, it will be scheduled to post on the social media platforms that your business takes part in. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.


man sitting with laptop at a table with an alarm clock in front of him Timing goes beyond simply how often your business posts. The “when” element of your posts is a huge factor as to how successful the engagement stats will be.

The social media advertising team at Navazon will choose optimal times for posting based on your target market. If your audience is more active online at night, then posts will be scheduled for the evening.

This is applicable to any time of day that best suits your audience’s online activity hours. Rather than some cookie-cutter system, ours is a strategic, custom approach.

Online Groups

Groups are an ever-expanding part of social media platforms. Facebook groups are growing every day, and with the help of our team, your business can become a respected member of groups that will be most interested in your business’s products or services. Our team will then post on your behalf to these social media groups, in order to reach more eyes of your desired audience.

Our social media agency in Los Angeles will help you decide which social media platforms are the most important for your business to stay active with. We will work with you on multiple platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Different businesses would benefit more from certain social media platforms than others. For example, a Wedding Planner would benefit from using Pinterest as a medium of communicating to their audience more than an accountant would. An Immigration Attorney could benefit more from using Facebook as a platform than they would using Instagram.

Facebook Groups
Facebook Groups
LinkedIn Groups
LinkedIn Groups


With Navazon, you can keep track of your progress as your social media footprint grows and you attract new clients.  You will receive regular reports showing the work that was done on your behalf, along with the results.  You also have access to each platform’s own proprietary reporting such as Facebook Insights.  You can see how each post performed, how many people were reached, how many likes and shares you received, and more.

Affordable Social Media Company in Los Angeles

Here at Navazon, we work with businesses of all sizes, including single proprietorships.  Based on your needs, we will create a social media marketing package that works for your specific business.

With 20 years of experience, will provide a great digital marketing experience for you and your consumers. Navazon possesses a vast knowledge of SEO and understands what it takes to deliver quality content. We listen to your goals and deliver those goals in a timely manner, at a price that is cost-efficient for you.