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Amazon Consulting Services

Creating an Amazon Store and getting traction for your brand through the largest online retailer can be made easy with a proper Amazon consulting team. As a brand owner, Navazon understands that you don’t want to spend weeks jumping through hoops in order to sell your products on Amazon. Our Amazon Consulting Team is here to help you make the process easier.

There’s a great deal of detailed planning that comes with opening an Amazon Store. Navazon will configure, manage, and monitor your store and products to make sure they are being seen by potential customers. This goes beyond just listing products on Amazon.  We are your expert partner in success and our goal is to maximize your sales performance.

Although steps in creating an Amazon Store are the same, our team customizes every strategy to match our client’s brand, the products, and their target audience. We will work with you to create an Amazon store that sets your apart from your competitors and adds credibility to your store and product listings.

After creating your Amazon Store, we will optimize the store and your product listings to help ensure orders flow in.  Our team is always there to help improve your sales performance and troubleshoot and resolve any issues that may arise.

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    Competitive Analysis

    Competitive Market Analysis Report

    Millions of competitors are on Amazon selling similar products every single day. It’s crucial to know who your top competitors are and what makes them successful. Our team compiles a report on multiple competitors while looking at their store and product listing strategy. This includes their SEO strategy, content strategy, advertising strategy, pricing, and more.

    Offering competitive pricing opens the door to customers taking a chance on your product. Offering too low of a price may bring in the number of customers you are looking for but it won’t result in the revenue you are aiming to achieve. Too high of a price will turn customers away to a competitor that may be listed right below you. Our team at Navazon will work with you to devise a listing and pricing strategy that is ideal for both you and your customers.

    Product Consulting

    We’ve all seen products on Amazon reach tens of thousands of reviews and star ratings. If you’re looking to open up an Amazon store yourself you may be wondering, how exactly does this happen?
    Navazon knows you have a products that you are passionate about and may do well on your own website but reaching success on Amazon may need a different approach.

    Let’s say you’re a business that sells pens and your online store sells through your blue pens like crazy. You will probably think to yourself “If these blue pens are doing so well here I’ll make a killing selling them on Amazon.” This seems like the logical next step to take. You open your Amazon store and realize after some time that no one is buying your blue pens.

    Without the proper research and consulting you wouldn’t have known that black pens are what sells on Amazon. This will result in time and money wasted along the way and will require more energy to get back on track.

    In other cases, your product may be exactly what customers want but they aren’t finding it easily. Sticking with the pen scenario, if you are categorizing your pens for calligraphy when all your potential buyers are searching for office supplies, they will never find your Amazon store. Categorizing products under the most appropriate label is going to make your items much more accessible.

    Our team will work with you and guide in deciding which products are the best options for your Amazon store along with the proper categorizations.

    Setting Up Brand Registry

    registered trademark stamped on paper.

    As millions of people browse Amazon every day, it has become well known that you can create an Amazon Store.

    However, getting yourself a Brand Registry through Amazon can unlock advanced features that will elevate your presence on the online retailer’s site.

    Through this process, you will also gain access to sponsored ads and multiple other ways to promote your brand. You do need to have a registered trademark for your brand in order to be accepted into this program.

    Once you obtain Brand Registry you will be able to better protect your product listings from being copied by other sellers. You can report an infringement on your products and have more accurate listings.

    Navazon will take over with any infringements on your products you would like to report along with the other advanced features you can unlock with Brand Registry.

    Product Feed Optimization

    It’s one thing to have your products listed on Amazon but it’s another to have them found by customers. There are millions of products on Amazon and you want to make sure that your products are the ones consumers see at the search. Optimizing your product listings is the only way to have a shot at being seen.

    You can spend hours going through each of your listings and trying to optimize them yourself, but if you’re unaware of what consumers search when looking for products it will be ineffective. This can be a stressful process if you are a busy brand owner who has many other things on your plate and no time to waste.

    The Navazon Team is equipped to optimize your products with ideal titles and descriptions. With years of experience under our belts, we know what it takes to get your products seen by more people.

    Setting Up Your Amazon Shop In Multiple Regions

    Selling internationally can have a great effect on your business. Amazon’s trusted and global brand offers a more comfortable platform for hundreds of millions of new potential international customers to purchase your products.

    It’s important to remember each region has different obstacles that come with selling internationally. Different regions have varying requirements for their Amazon sellers. When you collaborate with our team at Navazon, you will receive guidance that will help you determine if expanding your sales is the best move for your business.

    Launch Your Products in These Regions:
    • United States
    • Canada
    • Mexico
    • UK
    • Germany
    • France
    • Italy
    • Spain
    • Japan
    • China
    • India
    • Australia
    • Brazil

    Amazon Store Regions

    Worldwide shipping graphic

    With so many customers available at your fingertips once you open an Amazon store, it can grow to be overwhelming. As a business owner, it’s natural that you’d want to open your Amazon store to any location that you possibly can. However, just like opening a physical store location, it’s important to consider the client you would be selling to. You don’t want to jump through the hoops Amazon has in place for international stores only to find out that customers in those areas aren’t interested in the type of products you are offering.

    Going to a professional consulting team can guide you in the right direction whether or not that means sticking locally or expanding. Through Navazons consulting you may discover that your product is actually in high demand in other parts of the world or you may realize that venturing into so many different regions isn’t the best move for your business.

    At the end of the day, you want to make the best decisions that will result in less time lost and more revenue for your company.

    Amazon Ads

    Amazon ads are a great way to get your brand noticed and introduced to new buyers. Conducting a great Amazon ad requires strategy and knowledge in order to get real results from your campaign.

    Eye-catching ads start with unique graphics. After creating graphics that are ideal for your brand’s products our team will move on to writing optimized and relevant copy.

    Campaign Ads are always tested with a small budget before starting quickly with a larger budget. We understand the importance of testing and analyzing the results before large resources are used. Our team will work with you and get your input before putting these ads to the test.

    Supply Chain Consulting

    Amazon has many factors that go into what they decide is a top sellers account. Although the amount of sales and reviews are an important part of the equation, it goes far beyond that.

    Amazon wants their sellers to have not only a smooth supply chain but a smooth return process. They are looking at how long it takes you to stock an item, how long it takes to send an item out, and how you communicate with your customers after they’ve purchased something.

    Even the return process for your items needs to be simple and easy for your customers. Communicating with your customers is the best way to achieve this. Amazon wants their sellers to work out the returns with buyers without getting involved. If your customers turn to Amazon to complain about your store, it will harm the ranking and outcome of your store.

    Our team can put together guidelines and work with you in deciding an return policy along with offering our consulting services regarding your supply chain.

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    Our team believes in improving strategies and moving forward in the most ideal ways possible. With reporting, you will receive updates on how campaigns are going on a consistent basis. We will look at key metrics and adjust where we may need to for better results. This can include steps like creating more optimal keywords as search patterns among customers change.

    Navazon will address any questions, concerns, or comments you might have regarding the reports you receive. Our team believes in transparent reporting to keep you as updated as possible.