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What the Navazon Difference Means for Your eCommerce Business

Many agencies will build a website using a template and install your shopping cart. At Navazon, we are your partner for success through the entire process. From selecting or developing the best products to sell, writing copy for the website, shooting product videos to building and optimizing the entire catalog, and marketing it nationwide or worldwide, we are with you every step of the way to ensure that your online store becomes a success.

Use our 20+ years of experience building successful commerce businesses to skip the lengthy and expensive trial and error phase that many eCommerce stores go through.  We can help bring you to market faster with all the systems and automated workflows that your successful competitors have spent years building.

Contact us today and let’s talk about your project.  Whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned pro ready to take your eCommerce business to the next level, we can help.

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    Development & Marketing Services For eCommerce Stores

    Shopping Cart Customization

    Website Design


    Google Ads, Facebook Ads

    Comparison Shopping Engines

    Affiliate Marketing

    Social Media Marketing

    Influencer Marketing

    Google Business Optimization

    Blog Assistance and Creation

    Traditional Media/TV/Radio/Outdoor

    Tracking and Reporting Integrations

    Expertise in Fulfillment Integration

    Subscriptions & Continuity Optimization

    Branding and Collateral Materials

    Surveys and testimonials

    Complete In-House Creative Dept Including Product Photography & Video Production

    eCommerce with Navazon

    At its heart, Navazon is a technology marketing company. We have created numerous successful online businesses. We have helped our clients sell millions of products online; not only on their websites but on all popular marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopping.com, and more. We have a proven track record in the following areas:

    Creating and Managing Online Stores

    Building your site from the bottom up and continuing to help you.

    Creating Amazon and
    eBay Stores

    Creating other online stores for your business to maximize revenue opportunities.

    Integration with
    Logistics and
    Fulfillment Houses

    Handling supply chain related services.

    Advertising Tracking
    and Analytics

    Monitoring your business’s growth and audience behaviors.

    Enterprise Level
    Social Media Management

    Professional and consistent social media posting.

    Conducting Online Promotions on Social Media

    Monthly promotions that generate traffic and revenue.

    Email Campaigns and
    Auto-Response Systems

    Reach all your target customers from their email inboxes.

    Customer Service and Support Systems

    Dependable support systems to keep your clients happy.

    A Budget That Works for Your eCommerce Business

    Whether you’re just starting out or have been around for a while, Navazon is here to guide you to a more successful eCommerce business. We offer a wide range of eCommerce services and your strategist will work with you to devise a campaign strategy and budget that helps achieve your goals.

    Your Roadmap to Success Starts with
    Navazon’s Competitive Market Analysis

    eCommerce has no limits when it comes to how many competitors your business will face. Navazon’s detailed Competitive Market Analysis report will give you actionable insight into your competitors’ secrets.

    You will uncover their top-selling products along with their most successful offers and ad creative. It includes their online traffic analytics, most popular keywords, sources of traffic, their top affiliates, and more. We will learn what their audience likes and dislikes about their brand and products.  Where they excel and where they fail.  This information helps us position your brand competitively and devise a marketing strategy that has a real chance of competing and winning business away from your competitors.

    Competitive Market Analysis Report

    Workflow Automation

    Automate your business’ repetitive tasks to increase efficiencies, reduce human-error and reduce labor costs. Our in-house team of programmers will connect disparate systems, enabling data real-time exchange from various vendors. Typical applications include:

    Transfer orders to fulfillment

    Auto update order status through integration with fulfillment

    Collect e-signature and route signed documents.

    Transfer leads to your CRM in real-time.

    Integrate with your in-house database system.

    Consolidate reports from multiple marketplaces, shopping comparison engines and ad networks.

    Buyer-Friendly Website Design

    As consumers ourselves, we know the most frustrating part of online shopping is a website that makes it a hassle to find the product that you need. You want your customers to have a pleasant experience shopping with your online store; similar to the experience they would have if you had a nice physical store.

    Some business owners like to find services for website design overseas hoping they will save on development.  Unfortunately, they often end up with a website that despite having all the products just doesn’t sell!  There are literally millions of online stores on the web but the vast majority of them do not generate enough revenue.  It’s not about the technology.  It’s about knowing how to sell, and more importantly, how to sell online.  At Navazon, we are seasoned marketers who think through the psychology of sales and designing a superior shopping experience for your audience.

    Responsive ecommerce shopping cart designWe support all major shopping carts including:
    • Shopify
    • WooCommerce
    • Miva
    • Magento
    • OpenCart
    • osCommerce
    • BigCommerce
    • ECWI

    Quality Content that Drives Sales

    Product Photography & Videography

    Product photos and videos displayed on a website can make or break a sale.  They are the most tangible aspect of online shopping that your customers can access. If your images and videos do not clearly showcase your products to their full potential, your conversions will drastically decrease.

    Your customers cannot touch and feel the products as they would in a brick-and-mortar store.  The best way to let them make an informed decision about their purchase is by showing them high-quality photos and videos. Show them your best image with professional product photography and videography by Navazon. Our team has the most up-to-date equipment and the skills to capture the clearest; most flattering images and videos of your products. We shoot products in ways that are relevant to the item and what it’s meant to be used for, whether that’s food, apparel, or luxury goods; we get the message across through our photography and videography skills.

    behind the scenes of food photography.

    Use our photography services to get clear images for your online catalog or product beauty shots that can be used for social media posts, online ads, featured images for your website, and more. Having a variety of photos and videos of your products will give you more content to show your customers which will keep them interested in what you have to offer.

    Techniques for capturing the perfect product image vary across industries. You want to work with a company that is well-versed in multiple industries with the knowledge and experience to know what does and does not work for your specific eCommerce site.

    Well-Written Product Descriptions

    Product descriptions may be something you just want to sweep under the rug or only write the basic information for your items.  We get it.  It’s hard! But to sell products effectively on a website, your product descriptions must go well beyond the bare minimum. Now that online shopping is at its ultimate peak, you want your customers to get a good sense of your product when they aren’t able to see it in person. Think of the product description as what an experienced and well-spoken salesperson would say to your customer if they were in their presence.  It must go beyond the physical characteristics and technical specs of the product.  It should talk about the feelings and emotions that the product or the purchase will evoke.  We have seen first-hand how changing product copy drastically increases sales.  It will also set the right expectations and reduce returns and refund requests

    So now you might be thinking to yourself “I don’t have time to write unique and interesting descriptions for all the products in my online shop”.  Well, the Navazon team has years of experience in copywriting and can write product copy that will grab the attention of your ideal customer. We have written descriptions for thousands of different products that are not only compelling but also speak in the tone and language of the target demographics.

    Product SEO

    In an ever more crowded product market, product SEO is critical. Experience shows us that only the products that rank on the first page of product search results receive traffic and sales.

    Product SEO has evolved over the past few years. It is no longer enough to write optimized title and copy and include images and videos. Product Schema is a special type of XML computer code that provides search engines with detailed information about the product. Search engine bots no longer have to try to figure out what the product is based on title and description alone. The product schema that appears in the code tells the search engine the exact details of the product, its category, attributes like size and color, price, special offers, shipping, and everything else! Search engines love accurate information and will reward product pages with highly detailed schema by ranking them higher.

    Our team at Navazon has the skills and experience that will ensure positive SEO results for your online store. We have tools at our disposal that enable us to uncover your competitors’ SEO practices and devise a strategy to overtake their product SEO ranking.

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