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Your Logo is YOU

Your Logo is YOU; it is the one element that will be front and center on everything that your company presents. This singular fact is why before we take on designing your logo, we get to know you, your company, and your business philosophy. These elements all go into designing a logo that represents you.

Psychology of Logos

Once we feel that we understand you, we get to work. Using color psychology, the latest graphic design tools and skilled on-staff artists that have hundreds of logos created and in use, the work begins.

You will be presented with a brand board that will be your corporate colors throughout the process. This brand board will use color psychology that will through color, create a feel of your company before the logo is even read. If you already have a brand board or brand guide, then we will use that brand board and stay within the guidelines.

Logos are Evolving

Here is where we take everything that we have learned from you and the creative process takes over. The logo is much more than a graphic that may describe your company in an icon, it will also include your name and even a description of what your company does. Combining these elements and making them impactful and memorable immediately, is the whole key to a great logo.

In today’s digital world, logo design also must take into account sizing and dimensions. Your logo will be shown not just on your website, but it may also appear in Social Media posts, Banner Ads, Traditional Advertising, Business cards and other places. We take this all into our thought process so that the logo is consistent and impactful in every situation.

The next step of logos is 3D, for the metaverse. We are at the forefront of creating 3D logos for VR and AR usage. This newer generation of logo will add life to what up to now has just been a 2D image.

Logo Design In Los Angeles Logo Vector
Logo Design In Los Angeles

What Your Customers, Clients and Patients Remember

The process can take a few weeks and we will present you with up to 10 ideas and designs to choose from. Remember the logo will be the most client, customer and patient facing element of your entire marketing efforts. Along with presenting you logo ideas we will also present you with a “Brand Board” if you don’t already have one. Quite simply a brand board is an array of colors and fonts that we have designed that reflect your company’s brand look. These colors should be carried throughout every design that your company produces for consistency and instant recognition.

Your Vision, Our Goal

We realize how important a great logo is to any business and we also know how much you have invested in your business. That is why we take the time we do and make sure that the logo expresses your vision the way you want it expressed.

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