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Navazon Digital Marketing Agency in Los Angeles wants to share that secret with you…how to beat your competition with their own game plan. We know because we’ve done it, with powerful analytics and an iron-clad strategy that uses the competitor’s strengths to outsmart and outpace them.

The Los Angeles marketplace can be brutal if you’re not armed with the proper resources and knowledge to cut through the clutter of claims, half-truths, and promises. It’s not just a matter of how good your services or your products are. It’s about how well you can involve your customers and get them to really understand the benefits of what you have to offer. You need to tell their story, on their terms.

Yes, only one digital marketing agency in Los Angeles can monitor and measure results at a level that tells you how you’re really doing, what you’re missing, and what’s required to make the leap from follower to leader. You believe in your business. You know it’s special. Now let Navazon Digital Marketing Agency help you to let the world know it too.

Why simply joust with the competition when we can provide you with the tools to defeat them?

360-marketingInstead of fearing the competition, use them as your blueprint for success. Rely on our digital marketing technology to help you stand out through advanced analytics of your competition’s strengths and weaknesses. This eliminates the expense and frustration of trial and error and lets you focus on sharpening and targeting your message while trumping theirs.

Call to discuss some of our most effective digital marketing services, and get your blueprint started today.

Our Online Marketing Company in Los Angeles Offers

Social Media Posts Digital Marketing Service
Social Media Posts

We keep your audience connected to you by creating engaging social media posts regularly.  We do all the work from research to production, to scheduling of posts. Posts are banners or short videos related to your business and current events. Learn More

Directory Listings Digital Marketing Service Los Angeles
Directory Listings

Your business listing including Name, Address, Phone number (NAP) along with a complete business profile will be posted on all of the important directories.  Google My Business (GMB), Yelp, Facebook, Bing, MapQuest, and many more.  Learn More

Social Media Presence Service
Social Media Presence

We will create or update the customer’s social media profile pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest – with a consistent brand look and complete business profile. Our team will fully optimize your Google Business profile. Learn More

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Digital Marketing Service Los Angeles
Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC is the fastest and most direct way to find customers who are ready to buy now!  Navazon is a Google Ads Certified Partner.  We have been managing ad campaigns on Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter since their ad networks started. Learn More

Blogging Digital Marketing Service

Blogging is the fuel for search engine marketing. Well-written blog articles demonstrate your expertise in the subject matter and build trust with your audience. Navazon’s in-house bloggers write knowledgeably on a variety of subjects. Learn More

Competitive Market Analysis Digital Marketing Service
Competitive Market Analysis

Navazon’s research team will analyze your 5 top competitors’ digital marketing campaigns and provide you with the market intelligence insights you need to succeed quickly.  Avoid trial and errors with your marketing blueprint for success. Learn More

Search Engine Marketing Digital Marketing Service

Since 2002, Navazon has using the latest SEO techniques to propel our clients’ web pages to the first page of search engines. Navazon’s 100% ethical, white-hat SEO services adhere to Google’s updated webmaster guidelines. Learn More

Influencer Marketing Digital Marketing Service
Influencer Marketing

Let online celebrities talk about your brand to their audience and drive buyers to your website. Navazon will identify, enroll, onboard, and manage the right influencers within key online communities.  Learn More

Email Marketing Digital Marketing Service
Email Marketing

Email marketing can easily be your most profitable means of marketing. Navazon’s content developers will create newsletters showcasing your services and current offerings and broadcast it to your list as often as needed. Learn More

Why Choose Navazon as your Digital Marketing Agency in LA

We know that there are many digital marketing agencies in Los Angeles to choose from. We strive to be the best digital marketing agency in Los Angeles by putting our clients and their audiences first. As marketers and entrepreneurs, we understand the value of developing a memorable brand through creativity and consistency. This is accomplished through targeted graphics, videos, and websites that reflect our proven, time-tested methodologies, and detailed analytics.

Our Services are Affordable

We have clients of all sizes.  From a small doctor’s office to international corporations.  We want to share in your success. We keep set-up and ramp-up costs at a minimum so the project has the best chance of becoming profitable quickly. Our success results from our clients’ success.

You are In Control

As a client, you can be as much or as little involved in the day-to-day production and operations as you would like. We use an online portal for all communications so you can follow the project flow over time and comment on tasks and creative as they happen. You approve all creative.

We Listen

You know your business and your customers better than anyone. We want to learn as much about your business and your audiences as one can possibly learn. We take the time to listen, learn, and ask questions before we start. At our online marketing company in Los Angeles, it all starts with interviewing you and your team.

We Execute

The team at Navazon goes the extra mile to make sure projects are executed on-time and on-budget with the highest level of quality and style. We get things done no matter what it takes. We love what we do and are passionate about our work and our results. Our team is global and diverse. With our offices in Los Angeles and Karachi and close affiliates in the United Kingdom and Canada, we literally work around the clock so projects move swiftly from conception to production.

We are Research Driven

Our digital marketing agency in Los Angeles delves deep into the various areas of your business, your target audienc, their habits and likes, and where they hang out.  This goes beyond just asking you or finding groups on social media.  We use proven processes such as Sentiment Analysis to uncover how your audience really feels about your industry, products, and services.   We create Audience Personas to understand your audience at an emotional level and learn what triggers their behavior.

Real-World Strategies

We study your competitors in-depth provide you with the market intelligence insights you need to succeed quickly.  Our Competitive Market Analysis report paints a detailed picture of what works and what does not work for your competitors.  Their best campaigns and their marketing budgets. It saves you the time and expense of trial and error campaigns that are so common in marketing.  It provides a roadmap to devise a marketing strategy that has the highest chance of success.

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