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Get Results With a Data-Driven Media Planning and Buying Agency in Los Angeles

Are you looking for a reputable and experienced media buying agency in Los Angeles?

Navazon combines AI and research with our years of experience to devise a real-world media planning and buying strategy that meets your ROI and budget requirements.
We started out in the late ‘90s buying TV and print media and moved to digital media as soon as it became available.

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    Integrated Digital and Tradition Media Buys

    Navazon will manage all your media planning and media buying across all channels:

    Navazon’s AI-powered media planning system projects campaign reach and ad-spend across digital channels.

    Access to exclusive deals and discounts on TV, Cable, OTT, DTV and Geofencing.

    Navazon’s technology stack stops fraudulent and unwanted paid clicks.

    With centralized billing, you pay one bill to cover all ad-spend across multiple networks.

    Centralized real-time performance reporting with an executive summary.

    Our Media Planning Always Starts with Competitive Market Analysis

    We believe there is truth in data.

    Today we have a vast amount of marketing and media performance data available. But the overwhelming amount of data is only useful if it can be distilled into actionable insight. We turn the deluge of data into real-world actionable insight about your audience behavior, your offerings, and your campaigns. That knowledge informs our media planning and buying decisions, so we get it right.

    Learn more about our Competitive Market Analysis Report

    Competitive Market Analysis Report

    One Agency for All Your Media Buys

    We are experienced in buying media for TV, Radio, Print, and Digital Media.

    Many agencies have experience in TV and print, but not in digital. Others can only handle digital. We plan and execute media buying across all channels. Our blended approach helps our clients maximize their reach with the right mix of exposure and ROI. You only deal with one agency for all of your media buys.

    A Los Angeles Media Buying Agency That’s Focused on the Details

    Deep industry knowledge, industry connections, and obsession with the finer points.

    We are vertically integrated to handle all aspects of running a successful media campaign. We do not outsource any part of the workflow because we are obsessed with quality.

    Competitive Market Analysis

    Innovative Planning


    Efficient Buying


    Analytics and Reporting

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    Full-Service Media Buying Agency in Los Angeles

    Creative, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Video Production, Media Planning, Media Buying

    As a full-service agency, Navazon can also help with your creative as needed. We write ad copy that drives action and generates real business results. Our video production methodology is centered around driving leads and sales. All of our creative is designed to increase ROI and move your business forward.

    PPC Click Fraud Prevention Technology

    Save by Filtering Unwanted Clicks

    Our advanced technology will help prevent fraudulent and unwanted clicks on your pay-per-click campaigns…automatically, 24 hours a day. In addition, our vigilant team will help submit your fraud report to Google Ads for a refund.

    We protect your account from fraudulent clicks by competitors, bots, click farms, accidental clicks, brand haters, and any other type of fraudulent clicks.

    Unified Media Planning and Buying Capabilities

    The right mix of traditional media and digital media.

    We devise a buying strategy that uses the right mix of cross-channel media to help deliver your message with the most effective reach and budget performance. We continuously monitor, measure, and optimize the media plan for maximum ROI.

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