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Leverage the power of your office or retail store location to drive clients right to your door. It’s easy with Navazon’s Local Business Marketing service, which highlights your business listing in more than 70 major directories like Google Business, Yelp, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, Foursquare and more. We keep your listing interesting and fresh 24/7, updating it with irresistible special offers and coupons, event announcements, pictures and compelling videos. You’re covered in every possible social media venue, with engaging posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn – all geared to put your business center stage!

See how quickly we can drive web traffic and phone calls to your business through the three most powerful local marketing tools.

Directory Listings

There are many local directories, besides Yelp and Facebook, where consumers search for local products and services. We showcase your business in 70+ directories for max exposure.

Social Media Posts

Navazon’s skilled social media team will create powerful posts on topics relating to your business, products, and services, along with other timely subjects of direct interest to your target audience.

Voice Search

Consumers look for special deals, sales and businesses through rising voice search services such as Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Ok Google. We’ll make sure you’re highly visible when they search.

Is Your Business Ranking…or Tanking?

Even if your business is already listed on Google Business, Yelp and other directories, you may be missing out on critical profit-generating consumer traffic because you’re not on the first page…and that’s as good as not being there at all.

A professionally placed listing that is updated and expertly managed helps it gain prominence on directories and search engines. This drives web traffic and phone calls to your location. We specialize in this kind of expertise! Now watch the video to learn how to put directory listings to work for you.

Use our free directory listing scan tool to see a report of your current directory listings:

Learn how to rank high on directory listings

Here’s How We Achieve and Track Results

Tradeshow booth design

Our team develops a compelling profile of your business and posts it onto business directories and social media sites.

Social Media Posts Digital Marketing Agency

We create weekly social media posts and monthly special offers, generating even more interest through directories and social media.

Print Materials Digital Marketing Agency

Clients call or email your business directly. You receive a monthly report showing the amount of traffic and the number of phone calls received.

Ready to put your business on the map? Contact us today.

Powering up Los Angeles businesses for over 20 years

Sample Offers and Social Media Posts

We Partner with the Best

Navazon partners with the world’s leading digital networks to extend the reach of our clients’ brands.

Directory Listing Services on the Leading Directories and Social Media Sites

Why You Need to Hire a Certified
Local Business Agency

Business owners can create their own business listings, social media posts and special offers. However, with so many directories and social media platforms, it can be a daunting task to synchronize your business information across all directories and keep your listings fresh. Creating professional banners for special offers and events requires a skilled graphic artist. Creating engaging social media posts is time-consuming. As a business owner, you are busy operating the day-to-day operations of your business. To do it right, you would have to hire graphic artists, social media specialists and digital marketers to get the same level of service that you receive from a certified local marketing agency. Businesses that have used Navazon for their local listings and social media management report significant overall savings and lower cost of customer acquisition. Here is a sample of what a certified agency will do that most business owners may miss:

100% complete and accurate listings on directories
Listing of your products and services using proper keywords to increase ranking
NAP synchronization to ensure high data accuracy, resulting in higher rankings
Monthly posting of special offers, coupons, and events onto directories and social media platforms.
Professionally designed and branded social media content for your business.
Professionally designed and branded special offers, coupons and events for your business.
Branded social media posts for special calendar days like Independence Day, Christmas, and New Year.
Full transparency with monthly reporting of results.


quotesI have experience with the largest agencies in the world, graduate business degree to match and I can say unequivocally that you will find no higher caliber marketing talent in the business.  This is not just a web design internet house, but a small true full-service agency, not run by kids but by real pros who have seen it all.  They enjoy the real challenge of helping smaller companies who do not have unlimited resources, beat the bigger companies.  How? They are talented, smart and are on the leading edge.  If you feel there’s no agency that could ever fit with your company, or who will understand the problems you are facing …Stop…. you owe it to yourself and all the people who depend on you, to give this unique agency a call. They took a 25-year-old mfg company in a declining industry and tripled sales the first year…and now looks like sales will double again as plans unfold this coming year.   I think success says it all.   We are lucky to be a client.

Greg Jones

quotesVery happy with our decision to try Navazon to market our Modern Touch Design products and services. Sasson and his staff were very clear and truthful from the get-go. We thought we knew what we were doing but considering the potential, I thought it was worth to try what they could accomplish. We saw results right away and increasing on a regular basis. I appreciate what they’ve done for us and recommend them.

Sharam Tabibnia
Modern Touch

quotesIt’s been a fantastic experience!  From the beginning, these guys did everything to make us feel like the most important clients they have.  They were quick to respond to concerns and to offer solutions.  They worked within our budget, but more importantly, helped us prioritize what should be done to maximize our web presence and still stay within that budget.  It’s that honest feedback that builds trust and credibility.  Finally, their service after the sale has been great.  Thanks for everything guys.

Matt Towfighian | CFO
Hope Clinical Research

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