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Search Engine Marketing

Climb the Ranks

Search Engine Marketing Los AngelesSEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is performed to raise the ranking of websites in search engines for specific target keyword phrases. We publish blog articles and press releases on many sites on the web. Navazon’s 100% ethical, white-hat SEO and SEM services adhere to Google’s updated webmaster guidelines. Our SEO/SEM package includes tracking and reporting for target keywords so you can see the results of the work as your site climbs on search engine result pages.

Navazon is a Google Certified Partner that has been performing SEO and SEM services since 2003.

Dominate Search Engine Results

Your organic (non-paid) listings appear on all major search engines.

Organic Listings in all major search engines.
Organic Listings in all major search engines.
Organic Listings in all major search engines.
Organic Listings in all major search engines.

20 Years of Experience Performing SEO and SEM Services.

Your Roadmap to Success

Comprehensive SEO Audit and ranking report

We start with a comprehensive SEO audit and current ranking report

SEO Keyword List Los Angeles

We work with you to compile a target keyword list to promote.

SEO Webpage Optimization Digital Marketing

We will provide recommendations to optimize your site or our in-house team will perform them for you.

SEM and SEO work Los Angeles

Our SEM team works diligently to promote your keywords.

SEO Rank

You will receive detailed reports of worked performed and current ranking.

SEO Target Keywords

As keyword ranking improves, we will focus on new keywords.

Top SEO Benefits for Brands

Here’s why more companies choose SEO as their main digital marketing method.

Lower cost of customer acquisition compared to paid placement.
Gain a competitive advantage and larger market share.
Trackable and measurable return on investment.
Receive qualified traffic to your web pages, products or services.
SEO listings have a long shelf-life compared to paid placement.
Some users trust and prefer organic search results over sponsored results.
Higher brand awareness and credibility.
Increased site usability through continuous improvements.

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