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Cut through the clutter with specially crafted, targeted messaging for Facebook, Instagram and other pivotal social media platforms.
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Reach a more sophisticated, ready-to-buy consumer in real time, in their environment, with Internet and mobile ads featuring AI-driven delivery.
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With the
Right Message

Rely on award-winning copywriting, graphic design and video to make your message resonate, motivate and drive action.

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Custom Reporting That’s Truly Unique

Reputable advertising agencies should always provide full reporting, but Navazon goes a step further, customizing every report uniquely to your business. We compile this report from all of your advertising and marketing sources, and turn it into an easy-to-understand mobile one-page summary that features the key metrics that are crucial to you. Every report, for every client, is different – relative to each one’s individual business goals and marketing approach. And it enables you to drill down for a fully detailed analysis. Designed for interactivity so you can change your date range at your discretion, this customized report provides “real time” information that keeps you always current and connected.

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Competitive Market Analysis

Analysis in its most complete form, that examines and measures every aspect of your competition, from their product offerings and value propositions to their marketing strategies, sales results and brand equity.

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Facebook Campaign Audit

Audits that evaluates your current account components and performance, and uncovers ways to improve that performance and exploit new opportunities.

Precise Audience Targeting

Targeting that focuses on your audience’s interests and habits, to reach them on platforms that are part of their daily routines, rather than intruding on their space through emails, phone calls and other invasive methods.

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Creative Services

Creatives that set Navazon apart from the rest, with our experienced, award-winning team of writers, designers and illustrators, photographers, videographers and proven marketing strategists.

Facebook Ad Campaign Strategy

Strategies designed to maximize your company strengths through a series of coordinated marketing ads, tools and complimentary components focused on clearly defining your brand and meeting key market growth objectives.

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Campaign Management

Campaign Management

Management to keep your campaign strategically on course, by efficiently managing your budget, tracking performance metrics and optimizing the overall impact of your campaign.

Transparent Reporting

Reporting that details, in real time, leads and calls, conversion rates, individual project performance and more. We can even create an in-house system to show how many sales were generated.

Transparent Reporting


We know you have questions. Here are some of the most common ones that are asked

Who Should Advertise on Facebook?

Any company interested in driving its business to the next level by reaching today’s buyers, influencers and decision makers.

Why You Should Hire a Facebook Advertising Agency?

There is no substitute for utilizing an experienced team of professionals whose sole focus is on creating Facebook campaigns that excel and sell.

How long is the Facebook ad agency contract?

Typically, your ad agency contract would run for # months, to allow time to implement a strong foundation for brand recognition and consistent impact.

What will the Facebook advertising services cost me?

You will be charged a one-time up-front fee to set up the structure for your campaign, then you will simply be charged a nominal percentage of your ad spend, based on a  minimum spend per month. In some cases, a flat monthly fee can be arranged. You can be sure that there will be no extra fees, aside from any costs for special services such as new video.

Who makes the content for social media ads?

Navazon’s talented graphic designers and social media specialists develop the content, based on discussions and agreed-upon strategies with you, the valued client.

Will you create landing pages?

Yes, our experienced graphic design team, writers and web experts will develop landing pages, where necessary, to generate excitement, attract leads and drive conversions.

How will we know if our Facebook advertising really works?

Navazon provides comprehensive and detailed reporting for your Facebook ad campaign, so that you can monitor and measure performance and results.

Profit. Ability.

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It’s a new marketing world today. And your competitors are looking for every edge. Let the seasoned Facebook advertising pros at Navazon help you take your business to the next level with social media advertising that works. And works.

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