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Marketing for the real estate industry requires a lot of work, whether that’s for a whole real estate company or for a single agent. Multiple factors affect the real estate market like the economy, politics, and trends. It important for you to create a sense of expertise and trust for your audience, even in the toughest times.

With thousands of real estate agents all across Los Angeles you want to make yourself stand out in the crowd, Navazon can do that for you with over 20 years of experience in the marketing industry.

Don’t let all the competition and outside factors keep you from investing in marketing services, these services were made specifically to help real estate companies thrive and gain new clients.

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Marketing Services For Realtors

Website Design

Lead Generation


Google Ads

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Bing, YouTube and Yahoo Ads

Social Media Marketing

Local Directory Listings

Google Business Optimization

Blog Assistance and Creation

Traditional Media/TV/Radio/Outdoor

Tracking and Reporting Integrations

Expertise in CRM Systems and Integrations

Branding and Collateral Materials

Surveys and testimonials

Complete In-House Creative Dept Including Video Production

Budgets and Digital Marketing for Real Estate Agencies

If you are head of a real estate office or an agent just looking to build a personal brand image, Navazon will work with you to find the best possible budget. Our team will start off with a test campaign with a low budget to find out the cost per lead and cost per acquisition (Client sign up),

When these metrics start coming in, we will analyze them and decide with you how fast we’ll scale these digital campaigns. Pacing out a campaign can be useful for smaller real estate agencies to prevent overwhelming your font office.

Navazon will work with you to find the best possible outcome that will meet your needs at a budget and pace that works for you.

Lead Generation for Real Estate Agents and Companies

Digital Marketing For Real Estate CompaniesCa Ventura Advertising Agencies 2020 InverseWe are a full-service real estate marketing agency in Los Angeles dedicated to helping attorneys increase their new client revenue and grow their practice. We are a Google Ads Certified Partner and a Facebook Marketing Partner.  We create highly detailed lead generation campaigns that generate qualified leads for your law practice.

Our custom lead-generation campaigns will target the specific type of audience that meets your qualification requirements. Your real estate office will receive as many leads as you can handle. Your custom lead generation campaign can be paced as not to overwhelm your front office.

Digital Marketing For Real Estate CompaniesCRM and Workflow Automation

We help integrate the lead generation campaign with your existing in-house CRM system or build a new one for you to track your communication with your new prospects in order to measure conversions and success rates.

Our team can write and automate all email and text communication with your prospects and leads.  We will help train your staff to manage the leads to ensure the highest conversion rate possible.

Social Media Ads

Our team plans and executes all of your digital marketing campaigns to ensure a continuous flow of new leads.  That will allow you to plan for the future and scale your practice at a managed pace.  From writing the copy, designing graphics, and videos, we make sure your real estate office stays relevant and your digital marketing campaigns continue to attract new clients.

Get Leads Quickly With Google Local Services Ads

Google Local Service Ads Real EstateWhat are Google Local Services Ads? They are paid ads that appear above all other search results, including traditionally paid search results. This new method of advertising requires screening and approval through Google to participate. Navazon can help you through this screening process in order to take advantage of this new feature.

Going through this screening process ensures a level of credibility that will make the user searching online more comfortable with trusting the ad. This feature is perfect for real estate agents looking to find new leads in their local area.

The Navazon team has years of experience with generating leads and keeping up with new services Google offers, let us make the journey of customer acquisition easier for you with our expertise.

Website Design for Real Estate Agents

Buyers or sellers who are looking for a potential real estate agent will learn a lot about you from the website they visit. Your website may be the first impression someone will get of you and your work. If your website is messy, outdated, and hard to navigate, this may turn people away from your services.

We want to help reflect your image through your website through a unique layout and copywriting that’s aimed toward your desired audience. You want yourself to stand out amongst many other realtors in the area with your content that is going to allow your potential clients to believe in your expert services. This is not something that can be achieved through a quick website builder and needs a team that has years of website design under their belt.

Your Roadmap to Success

We start by interviewing you and or your team members to learn about your practice areas and everything that makes your real estate agency unique. We then study your competitors’ websites, ad campaigns, sources of traffic, and other factors that make them successful using our Competitive Market Analysis reports. We will propose a detailed roadmap for your success that covers all aspects of website design and digital marketing and advertising.

According to Waypoint Homes, there are over 39,000 real estate agents in Los Angeles County, so there is no shortage of competition. To attract quality clients, your real estate website needs to stand out and compete effectively. Our team has years of experience creating websites that compete and win business. From start to finish, we obsess over all aspects of your website design, your offerings, user experience, and conversion. It is our scientific approach and obsession with delivering results that make Navazon websites so different from others.

Videos for Real Estate Agents

As a real estate agent, creating videos for your services may seem like a bad idea because you’ve seen so many tacky real estate agent videos already but Navazon is here to prevent that. We have the most updated equipment including new cameras and lights to get the most high-quality video, along with professional copywriters that will get your message across with sophistication.

Videos will boost your credibility within your local area as well as help with your online ranking. When potential buyers or sellers in your area see your video and get a sense of who you are, they will feel more comfortable contacting you for your services. When these videos are optimized for SEO they will reach even more clients.

SEO for Realtors

SEO for real estate agents is going beyond the regular methods of SEO. As a real estate agent, it’s safe to assume you’ll want to target people who are in your local area or you may want to reach an audience with a specific age and income demographic, that’s when you’ll need local SEO methods. Local SEO is going to be key to getting the type of buyers or sellers you are looking for while cutting out the demographics that you don’t want to reach.

Local SEO is going to be achieved not only through Facebook and Google ads but through content on your site that used keywords and phrases, your audience is typing into search engines. The content on these web pages is the star of the show so you want it to be well written while using the correct keywords that are going to boost your SEO campaign.

Some other companies might take your keywords and create pages for you that are too spammy, this will result in making your page lose visibility online. There is no point in having web pages highlighting your services if it is done incorrectly and doesn’t reach your audience. Navazon understands the ins and outs of SEO, how to do it correctly and ethically to drive the online traffic that you strive for.

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