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Top Woodland Hills Homes

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Linda has lived in Woodland Hills for over 25 years. She knows the schools and the neighborhoods in Woodland Hills and she helps guide her clients to understand the nuances of each micro-neighborhood. She has helped many individuals and families find their dream home and join the vast Woodland Hills and neighboring cities community.


Linda is a local agent for buyers and sellers that wanted an independent website optimized for local search to increase market reach in the local area.


To create a modern new website and brand that establishes high credibility. The new website and landing pages will increase market reach in the local area. Create a branding with a streamlined and contemporary look. Design and develop a new website with the new content, tracking codes and a fresh look.



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Logo Design

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Website Design




We secured a domain name that includes a highly searched keyword, “Top Woodland Hills Homes.” We created a logo, brand colors, and the look. We designed a website with a fresh look and clear messaging. We took professional photos of Linda to use on her website, business, and flyers.



Linda is thrilled with her website. The increased market reach has made her become one of the most successful real estate agents in her area.