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The Pointe Malibu

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More than simply the ultimate in luxury and privacy, The Pointe Malibu Recovery Center is an industry innovator with world-renowned residential substance use treatment facility with a remarkable record of success.

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Up till now, they had not done any digital marketing and had not received any leads or clients via the web, but they knew that was an important factor they were missing in their marketing.


After conducting a Competitive Marketing Analysis, we realized their company name, Beach House Treatment Malibu, had serious issues with marketing searches for the name Beach House Malibu. Online searches for Beach House Malibu would return house rentals and Airbnb, making it almost impossible to compete with SEO. Also, the name was a collection of common words, which disqualified it from receiving a trademark. Fortunately, the ownership was open to changing the brand name. Our strategy was to rebrand the facility and position it as a premier luxury treatment center in Malibu with high-end photography and videography to showcase their amazing location. We also wanted to simplify their messaging around their clinical philosophy to distinguish their treatment program from competitors.



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We conducted a Naming Study where we presented numerous brand name options, and the name The Pointe Malibu recovery Center was chosen. Branding assets such as logos, brochures, collateral materials were created by Navazon. We produced a four-minute video that showcases the facility and treatment programs, including casting, writing script, and everything else that goes into producing a corporate video. (Behind the scenes)

After interviewing the clinical and executive teams, the Navazon copywriters wrote copy for the website and a new brochure. We designed a new website and a new brochure, plus a four-minute and a one-minute video. We created social media pages with relevant posts and blogs. We started a local marketing campaign and are working on launching a Pay Per Click campaign.



They have had several leads and admissions as a direct result of the website. Their website traffic continues to grow at a rapid rate.