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Navazon is a respected digital marketing and SEO company in Los Angeles, California, with over 20 years of experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for companies of all sizes. SEO optimization for Los Angeles-based companies is different than most other areas. Competition is especially tough in LA. That’s why we start with a Competitive Market Analysis Report that helps us set a course of action to overtake your competitors – even in this crowded marketplace.

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Imagine what more exposure and more leads could do for your business. If you are ready to take on more profit-generating business, talk to us. We help distill your brand vision into a clear and concise message that resonates with your audience. We are a full-service digital marketing agency in Los Angeles that can help increase your business’ exposure online and drive more traffic to your website and more customers to your business.

Navazon SEO Agency in Los Angeles

Our Time-Tested Process Plus the Latest in SEO

While most SEO companies rely on the same old techniques of the last two decades, here at Navazon we employ the latest, most imaginative SEO techniques and best practices to keep our clients’ websites at the top of search engines.

SEO Keyword Research
Keyword Research
Site Audit by Los Angeles SEO Agency
Site Audit
Rich Snippets Los Angeles SEO Agency
Rich Snippets
Schema Structured Data SEO Company Los Angeles
Schema Structured Data
Voice Search
Voice Search

Voice Search

If you really want to be L.A.-ready, keep in mind that 30% of people use voice search to find businesses – and that number is increasing every year. Navazon has been at the forefront of voice SEO since the beginning. That’s not something most agencies do or even know how to do.

Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets, aka Featured Snippets, are results that Google shows on its search engine for quick answers to popular questions…things like “Featured Answer”, “People Also Asked” or food recipes. Getting your pages to show up as a Featured Answer or other types of rich snippets can give your SEO and your traffic a big boost. Our technical SEO team creates structured data markup for your web pages to help highlight your content on Google Search as rich snippets. That’s power you probably didn’t have before!

Schema – Structured Data

Structured data is the language of search engines. When your website includes structured data on the back-end, it is telling the search engine, in its own language, what kind of business you operate, along with all of the other relevant data. This way, the search engine doesn’t have to guess what your business does by scanning and indexing pages. So it has more confidence in your data and displays your website listing above other websites with lower data confidence.
Whether you operate a local business or a national brand, it is important that your SEO strategy includes comprehensive structured data implementation. Our SEO team will implement Schema.org‘s structured data on your website and web pages, for added traction.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Google introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP in 2015 to help mobile pages load quickly. It is a subset of HTML designed for speed. Page-load-time is an important factor in Google Mobile Search. The Navazon development team creates AMP pages to ensure the best mobile optimization for our clients’ web pages. That dramatically increases the ranking for mobile search results and mobile traffic.

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    20 Years of Experience Performing SEO in Los Angeles

    Why Choose Navazon as Your Los Angeles SEO Company

    White Hat SEO Strategy by LA SEO Agency
    White-Hat Strategy
    Proven SEO Methodologies by LA SEO Agency
    Proven SEO Methodologies
    Latest SEO Technologies Los Angeles SEO Agency
    Latest SEO Technologies
    20 Years of SEO Experience
    20 Years of
    SEO Experience
    Transparent Reporting by a LA SEO Agency
    Transparent Reporting
    Analytics Driven Results
    Analytics-driven Results
    And that only begins to tell part of the story. At Navazon, all SEO work is done manually, by real people. Proven professionals. We do not use software or bots to artificially increase your ranking. Why? Because in our experience, using artificial methods may give you a temporary boost, but in the long run it will work against you and lead to Google penalties (Manual Action) that can cause your website to be de-listed completely. We know this because we regularly help companies who are hit with penalties to recover.

    The truth is that SEO work is a slow build and it takes time to get a new site to rank on page one of search results. Any black-hat tricks to get you to page one quickly goes against Google Quality Guidelines and will soon be found by Google bots.


    SEO is not considered a fast marketing method. Think of it as a ship, not a speed boat. There is a ramp-up period when your website is being optimized and new pages and/or blogs are being written to help you rank for your target keywords. You can expect relatively quick results on keywords that are not highly competitive and long-tail keywords. Shorter keywords and ones where there is a lot of competition can take from several weeks to a few months to produce optimum results. Keywords that are highly competitive such as “Injury Attorney Los Angeles” can take much longer and a lot of extra work.

    Our basic SEO service is month to month, though if you commit to a term of 6 months or longer, you will receive lower rates. SEO is an investment in the future of your company. There is an initial ramp-up period and results improve over time. So it makes sense to invest the proper amount of time into this very worthwhile endeavor.

    Although you will start to see measurable results within a few weeks, SEO usually takes 3-6 months to generate significant results. But the fact is…SEO works and brings in revenue! That is why most of our SEO clients have been with us for many years.

    Any agency who guarantees first-page results is a fraud. Google specifically warns agencies against promising results. It is impossible for an agency to accurately predict results since it has no way of knowing what your competitors are doing or planning to do. What a reputable agency does guarantee is to deliver verifiable details of work in a transparent report. Our reports show exactly what work was done on your behalf, as well as the current and previous rankings of your keywords.

    That said, our SEO clients have more than 70% of their target keywords on the first page of Google within 6 months. More competitive keywords can take longer or not be possible without considerably more effort. And that effort may not be worth the return on investment. That is why we continually monitor and adjust our target keywords.

    If the keyword phrases that you are promoting do not have a lot of active competitors, then you can stop for awhile after you reach the top of the first page. Or you can switch to promoting different keywords. However, for keywords that are highly popular to remain in top positions ahead of your competitors, you have to continually work on those keywords.

    Our smallest SEO package includes 10 keyword phrases. The next levels are 20, 50, 100 and 150.

    Before we start, our SEO team will supply you with a Keyword Research Report related to your industry. The report lists the Popular Keyword Phrases and their Monthly Search Volume and Competitive Difficulty Level. Together, we will select the keywords that make sense for your business and the state of your website at that time.

    We Offer a Full Range of Consulting and Digital Marketing Services

    Navazon is a full-service Los Angeles digital marketing agency that believes in a holistic marketing approach. Our Competitive Market Analysis Report helps us understand the reality of our client’s marketplace. That, in turn, enables us to create a coordinated blueprint for our client’s marketing strategy. It is one that is designed from the ground up, to compete and win new business. But it takes more than SEO alone to win new business.

    In addition, you must have compelling offers and a value-chain that is superior to your competitors’. Credibility and trust are also paramount and cannot be overstated. Our work goes beyond SEO, to ensure that you have all the necessary components to not only gain new traffic but also convert that traffic into sales.

    Once your offers are in place and the website has been created and optimized, we begin our comprehensive digital marketing work. The extent of the work is determined by the analytics and insight gained from our Competitive Market Analysis report and conversations with you, our client. That’s why, most important of all, we listen before we move forward.

    We offer the following digital marketing services: