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Gorman Health and Wellness

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Martin N. Gorman, D.D.S. is a highly trained practitioner with over 40 years of experience in dentistry. He specializes in the treatment of temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD), sleep disorders, and epigenetic orthodontics. He believes all of his patients should have an opportunity to achieve optimal dental health in a safe, caring, anxiety-free environment. He is committed to patient comfort.

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Dr. Gorman came to us because he was transitioning his dental practice to focus on sleep apnea and TMJ. He wanted to attract local patients who suffer from sleep apnea and TMJ.


Our strategy was to develop all kinds of content that feature the unique benefits of Gorman Health & Wellness. We emphasized the fact that they treat the root cause of the disease rather than just treat the symptoms. Once the content was ready, we would create an awareness campaigns and lead generation campaigns to bring in new patients.

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We produced a few videos and commercials to help educate the patients on causes of sleep apnea and TMJ and Dr. Gorman’s approach to treatment. We also recorded testimonial videos in our office of satisfied patients. We ran video ads on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram and directed the traffic to a landing page where they could learn more about the treatment and sign up for an initial consultation. We recorded a video with a presenter asking Dr. Gorman about his unique approach to sleep apnea treatment to help educate patients and build interest. The video was promoted on social media, YouTube and his website.

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“The device has made a world of difference after only a couple of weeks of treatment.”

– Joe Lima


The ad campaigns on Facebook had tremendous positive response resulting in many new patient sign ups almost immediately. Dr. Gorman’s practice has had top ranking on Google, YouTube and other search engines outranking UCLA and other prominent sleep centers. He is regularly signing up new sleep apnea and TMJ patients.