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4 Holiday Marketing Ideas

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4 Holiday Marketing Ideas

4 Holiday Marketing Ideas

The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year — and the most lucrative, too. The average American will spend $700 on holiday gifts and goodies this year, totaling more than $465 billion, the National Retail Federation estimates. If you haven’t started positioning your company’s marketing for the holidays yet this month, it is time you start now. We’ve gathered four easy and effective holiday marketing ideas so you can get started on getting your piece of the pie as soon as today.

Deck The Halls And Your Website

Think of it as decorating your website for the holidays. By putting a string of lights on the top of your site, a Santa hat on the corner of your logo, turning the letter O in your company’s name to a wreath, adding a snowman to the footer, or adding presents to your checkout cart are some cute and simple ways to make people smile around the holidays. Not only is it a fun and festive touch, but your website will come across as timely and relevant to users, which is also seen as a mark of professionalism these days.

4 Holiday Marketing Ideas

4 Holiday Marketing Ideas

Do a Giveaway

Social media is one of the easiest and most effective ways to boost your sales around the holidays, and a great way to get the word out is through a fun giveaway. By developing a fun giveaway, you will be growing your social media following and, in turn, growing your reach to announce holiday sales. Bonus points if you partner up with another brand you share a target audience with for a cross-promotion!

Be Generous with Coupon Codes or Free Shipping

We get it — you hate turning on that free shipping switch or doing coupon codes higher than 15%. However, people are looking for major deals around the holidays and if you come up short, you might be seen as stingy. Pick a day to have a free shipping event or 25% off coupon code to not only boost sales but to keep your customers loyal and happy.

Do Holiday Bundles or a Gift Guide

Holiday shoppers want things to be easy. A great way to give the people what they want while you upsell more products at the same time is by doing a discounted holiday bundle of a variety of your products or services. You can even take it a step further and customize the packaging with gift wrap or a great presentation so that the customer has even less to do once it arrives. If you don’t have much to bundle, you can create a gift guide for your audience with other products you think they might like, or products that would benefit from your services.

There’s still plenty of time to get your company ready for the holidays. If you’re looking for more personalized ways to boost your sales this holiday season, give us a call.

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