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Are You Marketing Your Ecommerce Business Right?

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Are You Marketing Your Ecommerce Business Right?

Are You Marketing Your Ecommerce Business Right?

Nowadays, you don’t need a brick-and-mortar store to sell your products and make a living. Ecommerce platforms make it super easy for anyone to start their online store and get selling. This makes the competition tough, especially for the “little guys.” If you want your store to be found and start driving up sales, you need to be marketing your eCommerce business the right way. As longtime experts in marketing eCommerce businesses, we put together the ultimate guide for marketing your eCommerce business right. Keep reading to learn how you can gain a competitive edge with digital marketing for eCommerce businesses. 

Ecommerce Marketing-Friendly Website

First thing’s first: you need to be selling your products on a marketing-friendly website that is exceptionally user-friendly. If the customer has any kind of hangup during the surfing, buying, or checkout process, it can result in an abandoned sale.

In addition, if a prospective customer comes to a sub-par website, there is a high likelihood they will never return. This means you need to pay special attention that your website is functioning correctly at all times and that your branding is on-point.

Some of the key things you need in a website that is industry standard when it comes to digital marketing for eCommerce businesses include:

  • Fast loading speed
  • Highlight deals or promotions in the top banner
  • Shopping cart placed in the top right
  • Accepting multiple payment methods
  • Social media links
  • Returns and exchanges policy
  • Quick buy functionality
  • Product descriptions
  • Cohesive product photos
  • Shipping information, including any places you are not able to ship to
  • Easy-to-locate contact information
  • Products grouped together in an easy-to-navigate menu bar

In order to have a website that helps drive sales, it should not only be easy to use, but beautiful and optimized, as well. Having these elements take your eCommerce store from a simple store to a sales-driving machine:

  • Beautiful product photography and videography in multiple angles
  • Optimized product descriptions using keywords and language of the target audience
  • Trust-building messaging and badges such as a guarantee, warranty, awards, and excellent customer service
  • Highlighting the advantages of purchasing the product, such as lifestyle photography, testimonials, and reviews

Selling on Popular Marketplaces

At Navazon, we have helped our clients sell millions of products online. Not only on their websites but all popular marketplaces, as well. Marketplaces include Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Shopping.com, and more.

We have a proven track record in the following areas:

  • Creating and Managing Online Stores. We build your site from the bottom up. Once the design and development are complete, we stay with you to continue managing it, optimizing it, and keeping it running like a well-oiled machine.
  • Creating Amazon and eBay Stores. We will also create other online stores for your business to maximize revenue opportunities.
  • Integration with Logistics and Fulfillment Houses. We can help you by handling supply chain-related services.
  • Advertising Tracking and Analytics. Monitoring your business’s growth and audience behaviors is an essential aspect of digital marketing for eCommerce businesses.
  • Enterprise Level Social Media Management. Professional and consistent social media posting will help grow your audience and promote your products.
  • Conducting Online Promotions on Social Media. Running monthly promotions that generate traffic and revenue will help your followers feel appreciated and special, as well as look attractive to new customers.
  • Email Campaigns and Auto-Response Systems. We will help you reach all your target customers from their email inboxes with sophisticated drip campaigns.
  • Customer Service and Support Systems. Dependable support systems to keep your clients happy are at the core of any business, no matter what you sell.

Workflow Automations

As a business owner, you are aware that you need to be as efficient as possible with your time (and your employee’s time) in order to maximize more profit. Using workflows to automate repetitive tasks will increase efficiency, reduce human error, and reduce labor costs.

By automating your eCommerce business as much as possible, you can make more sales more quickly. Our in-house team of programmers are able to create and connect systems, enabling real-time data exchange from various vendors.

Typical applications include:

  • Transfer orders to fulfillment
  • Auto-update order status through integration with fulfillment
  • Collect e-signature and route signed documents.
  • Transfer leads to your CRM in real-time.
  • Integrate with your in-house database system.
  • Consolidate reports from multiple marketplaces, shopping comparison engines, and ad networks.

Product Photography & Videography

The only issue about buying things online rather than in-person is that your customer cannot see or feel the product in real life. Depending on clear, beautiful product photography and videography is what every customer wants and needs. That’s why product photography and videography are some of the most important things you can do when it comes to digital marketing for eCommerce businesses.

Essential aspects of product photography and videography include:

  • Clear images on a plain background
  • Zoom-in functionality
  • Multiple angles
  • Video of the product being used
  • Highlighting the benefits of the product
  • Size scale, such as hands using the product in the video

In addition, it is essential to have quality photoshoots of your key products done regularly to keep your social media and product catalog fresh. When Christmas is coming up, having a high-quality photoshoot in September or October will help promote and market your products better, as well as keep your website looking up-to-date.

At Navazon, our team has the most up-to-date equipment and the skills to capture the clearest, most flattering images and videos of your products. We provide in-house photography and videography capabilities to ensure a faster turnaround time and a caring eye.

Product SEO

Let’s face it: You likely have a TON of competitors. It can be challenging to find a way to stand out, especially as a small business. In an ever-growing crowded product market, product SEO is critical. If you are not one of the products that rank on the first page of product search results, you’re not getting traffic and sales. Have you ever purchased anything from the second page of Google?

Product SEO has evolved, and it is no longer sufficient to write an optimized title and copy and include images and videos. These days, you need Product Schema to help rank you. It is the secret sauce of digital marketing for eCommerce businesses. Product schema is a particular type of XML computer code that provides search engines with detailed information about the product. Before, search engine bots had to figure out the product based on title and description alone. With Schema, you tell Google exactly what they need to know, making it easier and faster to get ranked. Search engines love accurate information and will reward product pages with highly detailed schema by ranking them higher.

Product schema that appears in the code tells the search engine the exact details of the product, its category, attributes like size and color, price, special offers, shipping, and whatever else your customers need to know. Our team at Navazon will ensure positive SEO results for your online store through product schema and our other SEO techniques.

Optimized Product Descriptions

Product descriptions have also wholly evolved, and it is no longer the norm to keep it quick, simple, and short. Size, shape, color, and all the other details need to be drawn out into an optimized description and not just bullet-pointed anymore. Think of your product description as the salesman making a pitch to your customers—you need it to be engaging, clever, and straightforward all at the same time.

Your product description also needs to speak the language of your target audience. If you are targeting Millenials, using an upbeat or sarcastic tone works perfectly. If you’re targeting middle-aged men, using more formal language is the way to go. If you’re unsure, Navazon can provide product descriptions written by our in-house copywriting team, which has years of experience writing compelling product descriptions.

Content Optimization

Your content needs to drive sales. This doesn’t just include Product Schema and optimized descriptions. Some of the other aspects of content optimization that are important for digital marketing for eCommerce businesses include:

  • ALT Tags
  • Blogging
  • Meta Data
  • Optimized page titles and page descriptions
  • Anchored keywords
  • Cross-linking
  • Outbound links
  • Relevant keywords weaved throughout the copy

Competitive Marketing Analysis

Even though this is one of the last things being mentioned on this blog, it is one of the first (and most important) aspects of digital marketing for eCommerce businesses. Competitor analysis helps drive every digital marketing effort from the ground up.

Some of the essential things to note about your competitors that will help drive your marketing efforts include:

  • Audience demographics
  • Their claims
  • Website traffic sources
  • Most profitable keywords
  • Top-performing ad and ad copy
  • Top-performing offers
  • Competitors’ social media promotions
  • Monthly website traffic
  • Organic versus paid campaigns
  • Estimated SEO clicks
  • Approximate monthly ad budget
  • Paid advertising history

After this research, an audience persona will be created. An audience persona outlines a typical member of your target audience. It is a fictional representation of your audience rooted in demographic and behavioral data that we learn from the competitor analysis and the Audience Insights report. We usually create three audience personas to represent three different audience segments. We give them names, faces, and a clear background and use them throughout the marketing planning process. This way, you are able to design products, brand messaging, and ads that connect to your audience at a deeper, more personal level.

About Navazon Digital

Running an eCommerce business is hard, and figuring out the proper digital marketing for eCommerce businesses is even harder. At Navazon, we are professionals in this field. We can help you gain the competitive edge required for getting on the first page of Google and legitimizing your eCommerce business.

Many agencies will build a website using a template and install your shopping cart. We are your partner for success through the entire process. From selecting or developing the best products to sell, writing copy for the website, shooting product videos to building and optimizing the whole catalog, and marketing it nationwide or worldwide, we are with you every step of the way to ensure that your online store becomes a success.

Our 20+ years of experience will build you a successful commerce business to skip the lengthy and expensive trial and error phase that many eCommerce stores go through. We can help bring you to market faster with all the systems and automated workflows that your successful competitors have spent years building. Whether you are just starting or are a seasoned pro ready to take your eCommerce business to the next level, we can help.

Some of the areas we have earned expertise in include:

  • Development & Marketing Services For eCommerce Stores
  • Shopping Cart Customization
  • Website Design
  • Google Ads, Facebook Ads
  • Comparison Shopping Engines
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Google Business Optimization
  • Blog Assistance and Creation
  • Traditional Media/TV/Radio/Outdoor
  • Tracking and Reporting Integrations
  • Expertise in Fulfillment Integration
  • Subscriptions & Continuity Optimization
  • Branding and Collateral Materials
  • Surveys and testimonials
  • Complete In-House Creative Dept Including Product Photography & Video Production

We are ready to talk to you about digital marketing for eCommerce businesses. To learn more about us and contact us today, visit navazondigital.com.

Armed with over 10 years of experience in digital marketing, Jaclyn Uloth started her career at a full-service digital marketing firm for five years, guiding many websites to completion as well as developing and executing sophisticated marketing strategies for countless brands. More recently, she was in charge of digital, social media, and paid advertising efforts for well-known multinational franchise operations. Currently, she is using her years of experience and writing abilities to write marketing copy and blogs to boost the online presence of the brands she works with.